Major Magical Focus: Imaginem

I am trying to figure out the interpretation of the Major Magical Focus example for Imaginem. The example in ArM(pg45) gives visual images as a focus and sound as another focus. Visual images is that only with images that just have a visual component? Or would it effect an image with visual other senses?

If you take the former is really narrows it too much for play. The later may make it too broad as to cover all Imaginem spells with an image.

Wjat does it gives for a minor focus?

In general, I would limit it to visual images only, with no other sensory characteristics. It is not so narrow when you consider that landscape-type imaginem is covered, as well as all the classic imaginary stuff, like the ghost chair or the illusion covering the pit of stakes. Or the far away dragon. Or the fact that you can only see the band of illusions floating around your head, the eternal shadow stalking you at the fringe of your sight, the door that is not there buit sdeems to be closed/open, the coil of rope that is truly a venomous snake, destroying or displacing images, having sight at a great distance, the ghost of your beloved that appears at night (when she is actually quite hapily living at the covenant)... etc etc. No need for sound or touch to be effective. :slight_smile:

If you add other senses the focus it effectively cover the whole of imaginem, so I would say "no".


HoH:MC has Major Magical Focus in Illusions.


Visual images also covers all the InIm spells to see at a distance, or with an arcane connection, and that major magical focus will comes in handy to get through magical resistance. Not that I am advocating spying on your sodales with magic, of course :slight_smile:

But you are right, you can't cover all the spells that have a visual component, or you might as well cover all the imaginem spells, since adding a visual component is just a magnitude away...

The minor focus are a single sound or color.

There are some decent minor foci for imaginem, which can make for interesting effects.

i.e.: Minor Foci in Human Voices, Music, Monstrous Illusions, animals of one general type (felines, canines etc.)

I might go so far as allowing a Imaginem focus covering an entire other art (illusionary Terram, for example).

Basically, you can use the focus to create distractions etc. of a general type.

With spell Glamours, a focus in Imaginem or a minor focus of one of these sorts can be super overpowered.

The real question, though, is whether a Minor Focus is dogs includes imaginem effects (the smell of dogs, or creating an illusionary dog). Notions?

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I'm not entirely sure what that one covers, though--obviously, it can't be all Im spells, maybe just those whose effect is entirely divorced from reality--so, not maybe not ReIm spells like Wizard's Sidestep, but maybe only CrIm and MuIm (but also, I guess, ReIm spells to control illusions, InIm to detect them, and PeIm to destroy them).


Why wouldn't it? It seems natural to me that a magical focus in something would include illusions or images of that thing.

By the same token, a magical focus in the color pink would be equally applicable to MuCo spells to turn a persons skin pink as it would in CrIm spells of pink things. I'd probably even go as far as to let the magus get benefit for -any- spell cast on someone who is predominantly pink. Abusable? Sure - but no more than many other things. It can give a color-mage a real benefit in combat, but being able to build a combat-monster magus out of odd or unusual parts is hardly news.

MuCo15 Pretty in Pink
Your target turn pink. Skin, hair and clothes with requisite.

PeCo25 Curse of the Pink Leprous Flesh
Any part of the target that is pink rots instantly. Skin, hair and clothes with requisite.

ReAn00 Curse of the Pink Panther
Any animal that sees you has a strong desire to attack anything pink. (no idea how to R/D/T that) :mrgreen:

Bjornaer sensory magic. That said, if you're playing a panther bjornaer with a minor magical focus in the color pink, you probably get a bumbling quaesitor constantly interfering in your life for free.