Making a Webcomic, Need Advice

My partner and I are working on making a Webcomic heavily inspired by Ars Magica, it would be a non earth setting but what we have worked and planned out uses the elements we were most passionate about, the Oath, The Houses, the order of Hermes and the games Magic System.

I'm not very well versed on legal matters so I'm not sure how or who to contact about getting permission to reference the game and it's mechanics and or lore. I was told to post here asking for guidance as my best bet.

Ideally we'd like to post the webcomic on Webtoon or a similar app, as such I can imagine their are copyrights we'd need to abide by.

Can anyone recommend who and how to contact the right people to ask for permission and or clarification on what's kosher and what's off limits.

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The are talking about coming out with an open use license, I'd wait for than and make sure you follow the rules in that including all the acknowledgements.

That sounds good, do we know when it's coming out or is it more rumor.

We're seriously looking at an open use license. In large part because we keep getting asks like this that we otherwise don't have a good answer for … we really do want to encourage fan creation, but at the same time we legally have to protect our IP. I'll pass on your inquiry to John, though.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.