Making Gem or Gold Houses!??

A ludicrously basic question. Assuming I CrTe a gem, it's a pretty small thing. Can I CrTe a R:Touch D:Mom T: Structure gem in to existence??? I rather assume not, but according to one of my players its legal as the rules stand. So they can create a diamond house? :slight_smile: It's so silly I think I would disallow it, but do the rules as written exclude it? (I would not have as big a problem with a MuTe effect doing this, but again, when one moves from T: Individual to T: Structure it does eem to get rather easy!)

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Yep. No problem at all.


No. Targets and Creo, ArM5 p. 113.

Conjuring the Mystic Tower , page 153 (ArM 05) has a Base 03: Create Stone.
R: Touch , D: Mom , T: Ind,Ritual
If you design a variation with Base 25: Create Gemstone , then you can have a much smaller Mystic Tower.
Base Individual for Gemstone is one cubic inch as opposed to one cubic pace for stone.

Riffing off of Conjuring the Mystic Tower... it would seem you could, starting with the target at maybe CrTe 65:

(Base 25 + 4 Size + 1 touch +3 Elaborate design)

Except--- the base individual for gemstone is 1 cubic inch. 4 Size magnitudes gets you to a cube 21.54 inches on a side (10000 cubic inches), which is a quarter of a cubic pace (36 inches to a side, 46656 cubic inches) and really more of a Mythic doghouse. Your familiar may live in style, I guess. Six more magnitudes gets you a CrTe 95 ritual, which creates an object about 60 paces on a side. It would be a single piece of molded gemstone.

If CrTe 80 seems more reasonable, that gets you something about 3 paces on a side, a little greenhouse, perhaps. CrTe 85 is 6 paces a side, a very modest cottage, more likely a better greenhouse. CrTe 90 is where you get something usable, I think, with a structure 13 paces on a side, easily three stories with some small crenelations on the roof.

So...there's that. I don't know that I'd call this easy, but it seems...possible. You might draw a pretty big amount of attention with such a structure and privacy would be interesting (glass houses?).


If it's made of diamond, throwing stones should be fairly safe. Well, safe for the house.

Yes. :slight_smile: I was thinking of perfectly clear diamond and the people inside the house being visible to all those around them. :slight_smile:

I don't know what the paradigm is on the hardness of diamond. I do know they can still be smashed with a hammer, but I don't think it would be very efficient. :wink:


Yes saw that last night - always Individual or Group. I'd gone to bed by then though! :slight_smile:
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OTOH a level 50 or so ritual will get you 10 good size solid diamond windowpanes.

Why spend vis and go through a bothersome ritual when this is why God (or Verditius the Founder... so close enough) invented charged items combined with a minor focus????

Cr 20, Te 15, MT 8 (spec: Enchanted Items 9), Craft: Whitesmith 8 (spec: enchanged rings 9) Int: 3, Aura: 4, Runes and materials 9, Assistants and Forge Companions: 10, Lab bonuses from Lab: 12.

Lab Total = 106

Lets take the base 90, add + 5 to up duration to concentration (or is that +10? I forget) and + 5 to concentrate for caster.

one or two charges. creates the three story house made of a single gemstone. Lasts for as long as the charged item remains.

That will cost 0 pawns of vis, thanks.

Incidentally, this is also the smartest way to make a castle. If you make a second, it becomes mobile, too, as you can stop concentration and "rebuild" elsewhere.

I know one Verditius whose studio is about to get awwweeesome!

Concentration is broken at sunset/sunrise, so the item need to recast the effect, which use a charge.

And that's why it wouldn't work.


I'd forgot.

Now I'm sad.

Goodbye pretty emerald palace for keeping beagles.
Goodbye diamond gatehoues.
Goodbye rubie prison for enemy who has deep seated fear of the colour red.

He'll have to go back to making sticks which cause giant hurricanes. And will be in a nasty mood.

Two words - duration ring. Because a diamond as big as a house should be set in a gold ring 20 paces across.

Given the rate at which it will warp, I'll let you live in it :smiling_imp:

Does this mean we're getting married?

Hmm... size +10 giant bride ring?


mmmmm....but warping only happens if you're the target or are immediately effected by an enchantment or magic effect.

Being knocked over by a powerful magic wind doesn't warp you. Nor should living in a magically created or sustained building.

Wouldn't want to do much lab work in it, though...

Yes but the house will warp. One night you go to bed in a diamond house the next morning you wake up and it's grown into a tower. Which would be awsome if it still had doors, or windows or you know air. :frowning:

I know a magus who made the wall of the cavern in crystal semi precious stone...

I'm not sure they -can- be smashed with a hammer. Some German miners useds to "test" their diamonds by hitting them with a pick to see if they were "real" or "false" only presenting those which did not break as true.

I remember, in Geology courses, being told how (at one time) South African miners would test enormous possible diamonds by striking them with a hammer-- which can smash them, as I recall. The "toughness" of the diamond is different from its "hardness." Diamonds are the "hardest" gemstone, but I don't believe they are the "toughest." But then I also have no clue what the medieval thought was regarding the hardness of a diamond.