Making hedge traditions more powerful/flexible

Many non-hermetic traditions provide a unique take on magic, but creating a hedge-only saga runs into some problems when the limitations of these traditions become more obvious. What are some suggestions you guys would make to make certain hedge magics more powerful/flexible?
One of the things I would probably do is make theory equivalents for traditions that don't usually have them and let them do breakthroughs at the same pace as hermetics.

A way to avoid warping. Warping is the key to have virtually immortal characters.

If you want to have hedgies that are.oike hermetics I think you are taking the wrong approach here :slight_smile: Hedgies are just weaker. I would simply roll with it and enjoy the ride. It is another kind of saga. Lack of flexibility is one of the strength of that saga: it forces you to approach problems in other ways.

If you want more power, just use the initiation mechanics.


Here are some of the easy things that can be done. No promise about balance or fairness.

Turn those difficult Arts into normal Arts and those normal Abilities into Accelerated Abilities.

Those bad Warping effects that sometimes start as low as ws7 and take hedgies out of play at 10? Add five levels, or make it 10+Ability (or just Accelerated Ability).

Hedgies often have roll stress dice by default; make the default simple.

The above can be achieved across traditions. Some traditions can have specific tweaks that can make them rather powerful.



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Give them the Magic -aligned equivalent of Ceremony and things will get wacky very quickly.

Get rid of Difficult Arts. Add more areas of magic to their portfolio. Hermetics can control the elements, heal, change shape, submit anything to their will, manipulate their own magics, animate the dead, detect many things.

Help in the Lab, magic item construction, Familiar and LR equivalent. Add new R/D/T

No hard cap on Warping 10, but maybe an equivalent of Wizard's Twilight that can take you out permanently.

Vitkir. Gruagachan and Learned Magicians are probably the easiest that can be modified to reach Hermetic levels.

Amazon magic is a great example of a more primitive form of Hermetic Magic. And they are still very powerful.

The Hyperboreans need work for more fleshing out but it's a great look at a different Tradition with enormous possibilities. They have many downright scary and varied powers, and you can certainly see them building an empire of magic.

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