Making/Milking an Infernal Aura

Reading RoP:I, am I correct in understanding that someone with low-end Infernal Lore and four goats per year, can fairly reliably create/enhance an infernal aura? The numbers seem to indicate that it would be a matter of a couple years to get a level 9 aura without extreme effort. Secondary question; is there a maximum aura strength (specifically infernal)?

As infernal auras are so easy to create, can you then perform vis extraction on the aura and clean it up with Cleanse the Verminous Vis to get yourself a 'safe' source of vis?

Yes, the narrative danger is kind of obvious, but infernalists probably aren't as concerned.

Not without effort,but certainly without extreme effort, yes.
I don't have a problem with this - the Infernal is/should be the Realm of fast and easy power, IMAO.

Well, yeah. Infernal Aura of 10 is Hell. Not indistinguishable from Hell, but actual Hell.
9 is as high as it gets on Earth, though interestingly enough, RoP: Infernal suggests Infernal Aurae can increase as high as 10 (RoP: I, p. 11, first column).
Similarly for the rest of the Realms, btw.

Strictly speaking, Vis extraction as per ArM5, p. 91, requires a magical aura, not just a supernatural aura.
And ofcourse you'd be in violation of your Oath.
But other than those, not really.

On page 19, it says you can get Vis Prava from an infernal aura as if it were a magical aura. How is extracting infernal vis violating the Oath? You're not interacting with any demons in this process, let alone making a bargain.

Is there any way to lower an infernal aura beside trying to put a stronger aura over it? Or of course doing a ritual to add to the aura and botching...

We looked for one a few years ago, and found none. The troupe Guernicus ended up working on Original Research to develop a way to do so.

There is a PeVi spell for potentially weakening magical auras, making a version for a different realm shouldn't be too difficult, though if you make one for divine auras that could lead to... stories...

We wanted to play with Breakthroughs, and so decided to require one.

So it does, my bad.

As you may be aware, there's some disagreement within the Order as to what qualifies as breaking the code on this matter.
I've seen people accused of diabolism for binding a demon in a circle while fetching someone else to destroy it rather than destroying it on sight.
On the other hand, I've seen magi prosecuted for actively hunting demons, wtih allegations that they are bringing the Wrath of Hell upon the Order, this bringing ruin upon their sodalis.
Other tribunals/troupes will let you get away with anything, short of signing your soul away. YSMV.

The existence of spells to reduce a demon's might implies that it's possible to reduce an Infernal aura. Likely to be a Ritual.

I'd also think a thorough series of blessings, regular masses, and exorcisms (probably not in that order) should have an impact.

The Muspelli can do it, and Rival Magic has a Story seed about it on p.92.

"I will not deal with devils, lest I imperil my soul and the souls of my sodales as well."
Ruin is for mundanes, but it was close enough.

..and you think that sort of lawyering will save you from the pyre?! :open_mouth:

The core book pretty much says even drawing the attention of Hell towards the Order is heavily frowned upon. Very little in the Code of Hermes actually trumps a magus' right to self defense, so killing demons that mess with YOU is fine, but going out of your way to kill demons is pretty much asking for legal troubles, just like people hunting faeries for vis does.

The thing is, Hell's attention is already kinda on the Order, because tempting magi to sin is potentially very valuable. They are definitely aware of it. Also, more importantly, messing with a Perdo Vim specialist is probably a bad idea, and many demon hunters are going to be Perdo Vim specialists. But yeah, hunting demons too aggressively will get you in trouble.

Specific law or no, bringing about strong Infernal auras in an area and spending the time there to draw vis attracts demons, gives them a number of advantages over you while you're there, and leaves you constantly open to potential corruption. Maybe it's not strictly illegal, but it's beyond risky and you'd probably get heat on you for it anyway.

But Hell going to war on the Order is worse. Warring with demons is a waste of everyone's time - there's always more of them, and they don't even drop useful vis if you use Demon's Eternal Oblivion.

Even when they do drop vis it is infernally tainted.

Which can be traded to Cthonic magi, but still.

Strictly speaking, btw, I meant forming the Infernal Aura in the first place would likely violate the Oath.

Trading with Cthonic magi sounds pretty much dealing with the infernal to me.

The only wise thing to do with infernal vis is to destroy it / leave it alone. Of course, the temptation (by design) is to keep it "just in case". Hence why PC covenants tend to have a stash of infernal vis, which the magi are busy promising themselves they will never, ever use.

Cleanse the Verminous Vis remains an option to keep it around.