Making new types of Faerie Blood?


One of the players in my new campaign wants to play a Merinita with Strong Faerie Blood. Since our campaign is set in Brittany, he asked if the faerie blood could come from the Korrigan, so I set my mind to finding out what kind of abilities Korrigan Blood would give. I though a straight +1 to Stamina would work, but as with the Sidhe's Presence, not above +3.

Any other ideas?

Korrigan can be found in Lion & the Lily for Brittany, and here:


Yes, the list from the core rulebook should be expanded - perhaps RoP:F will do this.

Until then:

We aldready have:
*Seelie, high faeries, bonus to Prs
*Goblins, unseelie?
*Dwarves, bonus to craft
*Water faeries, bonus to underwater activity

And what else? How about:
*Winter faeries, some cold relared bonus?
*Flying faeries, bonus to activity while airborne?
*Forest faeries, bonus to some activities while in the woods?
*Domestic and Field faries, bonus regarding house keeping or agriculture?


There is Samovily, Bloodcap blood in True Lineages. Dhampir and Mythic Blood (Zmey) are also available for inspiration.

I tend to see the benefit of FB to be approximately equal to a minor virtue, usually not quite as good (but every now and then better, such as a Dwarf's +1 to all Craft.)

So come up with something you like, and then ask "Is this better than a just-ok minor virtue?" Stamina as you describe is good, but something more atmospheric would work nicely too.



Well, I created these but never used them. Can't find the Mythic Blood (Gorgon) write up (it's attached to some character somewhere IIRC) but the following two have rationales for how they are constructed which might help you create similar Virtues.

Hope this helps.


addit: found the Gorgon blood Virtue:

I'm currently running a character that is UnSeelie ( dark) Faerie. I gave him +2 in hunting skills but in hindsight I should have gone with +1 at night. Seelie court are Faeries of light and Unseelie are the fairies of the night.

Goblins are a type of UnSeelie. Or members in the Unseelie court.