Making Someone else speak

Hello all

How would you use magic to make someone else speak. I'm talking about making them actually say the words, rather than making the words come from them, so that rules out CrIm.

I'm thinking it could be done with ReCo or with ReMe

For ReCo, the base would be 10 (control a targets motions). But Its such fine and delicate control, maybe a bump in magnitude for fine control to make the speech intelligible would be appropriate.

For ReMe, the base would be 15 (control a human being as long as you can see him). Not so sure that you'd need a complexity bump for this one since he actually does all the hard work of processing the muscle movements, lungs, vocal cords, etc to make the words, you just tell him what to say. But could you command him to say things silently? Could for instance you use this spell while invisible to make the target say a defined sentence, without telling him using your own voice what to say?

ReCo would let you force a person to make noises, but words I'd be more suspicious of.
ReMe would let you just make people talk, no biggie.

ReMe base - give the target one complex command, which he tries to carry out to the best of his ability.

If you want the target to be your ventriloquism dummy, you need something like Base 15, control a target so long as you can see him, and a CrMe to plant the words, Base 3 +1 for a complex action, and probably more if you want to mask your voice or disguise the "supernatural origin" bit in Words of the Unbroken Silence.

An arcane connection and scrying device might be useful here. A device because you don't want to juggle too many spells at once.