Maleficia and other tricks to consideration...

Hi, I've just become on huge fan about Super Sentai series (the source material for Power ranger) and of course, I've just thought about the trick of the defeated or destroyed monster being transformed on a giant version of itself (just likethis):

Giant Phantasm
Debauchery/Phantasm 45
Make grow one defeated or killed Infernal tainted or other being related to the size +7 (with the Wounds too), increasing his wigth and height, and his Strength (+7), but developing more hellish traits and losing Quickness (-7). If he got Infernal Might Score or Pool, he recover it over the duration, if not it grants one Infernal Might Score of 5. The creature can be totally destroyed by the lesser wounds on the giant form, or it loses all his Might Points.
(Base 10, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Size, +1 additional effect)

How do you see it? I a,m seeking one Faric way to do that.