Maleficia, Hexing and Cursing

I have read these supernatural abilities, and their effects confuse me. Besides the fact that Maleficia is infernally corrupted, what is the practical difference between Maleficia, Hexing and Cursing? Why would someone pick one over the other? Is there a reason for these to be separate abilities?

Maleficia isn't a supernatural ability, but the collective name for all the Infernal Methods and Powers, described in Realms of Power: the Infernal p102-112

Hex and Cursing are two different Supernatural Abilities that can be used to, well, curse somebody.
Hex is often a False Power tainted by the Infernal (but does not have to be), while Cursing is an ordinary supernatural ability mainly found among Folk Witches.
Hex is described in RoP:tI p92, while Cursing is found in Hedge Magic:Revised Edition p37-38

Why would one pick Hex or Cursing? Often this is dictated by your tradition.
For example, Folk Witches have Cursing as a favored ability, while the Witches of Thessaly have Hex as a favored ability.

Why are they separate abilities? Probably because they work differently, and do different things.
It is like asking why both Wards and the Aegis of the Hearth exist among hermetic spells - they do similar but different things.

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By Maleficia, do you perchance mean Malediction (RoP: Infernal, . 109)?
If so... It is much more expensive than eg. Hexing, in that it requires an Unholy Method (ie. Diablerie or Incantation) as well. Another Major Virtue right there, potentially. However, because there are two abilities involved, your totals will usually get much higher, permitting stronger curses or better penetration.

Otherwise, @ErikT covers most of it.

Yes, I meant Malediction. Thanks.

Ok, rereading the rules, it seems to me that Hexing is more imediate while cursing is more of a lenghty affair. In a very loose comparission with hermetic magic, would then Hexing be like spontaneous magic, Cursing like formulaic magic, and Malediction be the equivalent of ritual magic?

Or I´m still missing something about the rules?

Hexing is generally not immediate - a long delay before the curse is activated makes for a lower Ease Factor, i.e. makes it easier. That Cursing can take a while to activate is simply due to how Folk Witches activate their abilities. (See also how the Sorginak variant of Folk Witches activate the Hex ability. Faith&Flame p92)

You are overthinking it.
They are simply different ways of throwing a curse on someone, with somewhat different effects possible.

It is like attacking a person with an axe, or a sword, or a spear. Very different ways of wielding the weapons, but the result is still a wound.

Or if you want a comparison with Hermetic Magic, it is like attacking someone with a Pilum of Fire, or with The Crystal Dart, or with Dance of the Staves. Different Forms, different types of attack, but in the end they are all just ways of hurting someone else.

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