Many new spells to discuss about

I have nothing agaisnt the spell but I would avoid the reference to 0 kelvin for several reasons

  1. It is anacronisitc
  2. Nothing actually gets that cold (I think the record is around 1 degree or decimals)
  3. You get very weird effects from that temperature for a start the atmosphere would freeze solid. And on an atomic level weird stuff happens as quantum mechanics starts to have very big effects , it is just weird

Well I think you are right Andrew, yes because there are no thermometers in the middle ages nobody knows about Kelvin or Celsius, it is an outgame description, you can put this away and only speak of "extreme cold where everything dies" to "cold that makes water to ice" and so on. But I wanted to describe the spell in game-mechanics and outgame knowledge.
But the thing with the fluid air... I think it isnt part of the medivial paradigm.

"Corrosive" in the sense used by the guidelines, I would rule, refers mainly to corrosive vs creatures. There are not many medieval liquids that attack metals, and those are generally incredibly slow (used for etching, not disolving. Lemon juice was popular.)

But this is magic, not historical (or even modern) chemistry. However, depending on what the "soak" of the metal is, this spell would not "destroy metal in a few seconds", which, in the Hermetic paradigm, would take a PeTe requirement, or at least a much higher Aquam Damage base.

Hmm I used the low base to balance the effect that this substance can only affect metal, so against metal it would have a higher damage than +5. Because of the actual level of the spell I had a +20 dmg against metal in mind (but in fact I dont know the exact rules for objekts and their soak so I just made a substance that should be potent enough). I could also invent a spell that does +20 damage to all things but I wanted a more specialized spell that is more powerful in a narrow field and useless in the others.

I made a ruling for the "Intelligence" of a created Mentem:
The "Intelligence" and "Communication" of the picture demands on an Intelligence + Finesse roll of the caster (dont forget the aura!): every point is like a point in character creation but the lady starts with -3 Int/Com. So for -2 she needs 6 points in the roll, for a 0 she needs 10 points and for a +3 she needs 20 points in the roll. She speaks latin according to her Int/Com starting with 0, so a Int/Com score of 0 would grant her a 3 in latin and a score of 3 would grant her a 6 in latin.

(It did not escape my attention that making it "useless in the others" also allows you to keep the Range at "Touch", something specifically warned against in the Guidelines. :wink: )

It's a judgement call, that's just my opinion, and I'm hardly a final authority. You're definitely in the ballpark- the rest varies on personal preference, balance in your specific saga, and how the entire troupe feels about it as a precedence.

Two new spells for you, but there are some old that arent discussed yet.

Bridge of Irish Gnomes(CrAu15, Touch, Sun, Individual, base 2, +2 very unnatural fashion)
This spell creates a rainbow, up to seven miles long. It only works outdoors. This rainbow can be used by the irish gnomes for walking and travel, for all other it should be only something beautiful.

Rainbow Bridge(MuAu20, Touch, Sun, Individual, Base 10, -1 for only one property change)
This spell gives an existing rainbow the hardness of good stone or metal, it is still full of colours and you can see through it, only the hardness is changed. With rainbows like this magi can build bridges of the sky, not only usable by irish gnomes.

And two fun items, a tribute for someone :wink: :smiley:

The enchantet item is a tiny metal ring with a silver feather around it. It is enchantet with the following spells.
Create the Kintoun (CrAu15, Touch, Sun, Individual, Base 2, +1 for unnatural fashion, +5 levels for a constant effect)
Creates a tiny and small cloud around the item, only big enough to carry one normal man.
Hardend Cloud (MuAu25, Touch, Sun, Individual, Base 5 (slightly unnatural), +5 levels for a constant effect)
The Kintoun becomes yellow and is no hard enough to carry one normal man.
Fly Kintoun! (ReAu25, Touch, Sun, Individual, Base 3, +2 for great speed, +5 levels for a constant effect)
The item gives the cloud the ability to move at a top speed of 200 miles per hour or slower, depending on the wish of the user who must stand on the Kintoun.
Save Flying (PeAu20, Touch, Sun, Individual, Base 4, +5 levels for a constant effect)
This spell reduces the power of the head wind, escpecially the strong head wind at a speed of 200 miles per hour. With this spell only the hair moves lightly in teh wind even at this enormous speed.

Power Pole
This small staff of only two feets lenght is made of oak wood. A golden ring is around the middle.

Undestructible Pole(MuHeTe25, Personal, Sun, Individual, Base 5, +1 for flexibility, +5 levels for a constant effect)
The Pole becomes undestructible for mundane weapons and even the breath of a dragon wouldnt destroy it.

Big, big, big Pole(MuHe25, Personal, Sun, Individual, Base 4 (like the Terram Guideline that makes something 8 times bigger), +2 for "size" +5 levels for a constant effect)
At a command word the staff will increase in length (and only in length) to a maximum of one MILE, according to the wish of the user.

A few notes. No book, so I won't speak of guidelines.

I'd generally say so, yes.

Nice spell, but it lacks an actual mechanical implication.

Very nice.

I'm a bit leery of allowing a virtue to be gained by a spell in general. But it seem appropriate at first sight. I'll mull over it with a book sometime.

Why the increase in load? I don't see it as needed at all.

I suspect the base guideline is to turn wood into metal. If this is the case, I'd suggest increasing it. You are imbuing wood with the hardness of metal, granting it a single quality rather than all the qualities of metal. That's more difficult.



Very cool.
In general, I don't think a spell can allow someone else to control itself. Only the caster controls the spell. Indeed, IIRC doing this kind of stuff is the purview of Mutantum Magic. So technically an In effect needs to be incorporated perhaps, or something like that. Still, it's hardly game-breaking - I'll allow such a spell. It's a very cool spell.

I agree. Having the a created/mutoed thing under the caster's control with a Rego requisite is fine.

Again I maintain that adding only a single quality of an animal (cunning or intelligence) is harder than changing into a full animal. The Mentem requisite shouldn't cost anything, but the Rego should. The target isn't Structure, it's an Individual tower (and really should be the miniature one; likewise the range is Personal). Isn't constant effect +4 levels?

I don't particularly like this solution for the problem of creating intelligence. I would be inclined to encourage creating a basic cunning (say, Cunning 0 with an Animal instead of Mentem requisite), and limit the manufacturing of true intelligence to Mysteries such as animae, automata, spirit binding, and so on. I think that makes things far more interesting and colorful. A base cunning should suffice for making a really cool item (even though not the lab assistant you desire).

Nevertheless, the MuTe(Me) effect can certainly be interpreted as creating intelligence. For this purpose I would grant the created Intelligence -3 (I think) and the ability to speak in one language of the caster's choice (up to his ability score in it), but NOT any particular skills nor the ability to learn new skills. I would not allow Finesse to allow the creation of more intelligent creatures, but might allow it with a Cr requisite, and I'd allow CrMe rituals to increase the items intelligence score.

The problem here is that the item is using the item's powers, and not with linked triggers... not sure how to treat this. Oh well, I suppose I'll just leave it as it is.
I really think the item works best with a bound spirit.

Yes. Although Aq would be needed to affect water (and probably ink, milk, mercury, and so on).

Fine. I wouldn't insist on real-looking images, obvious apparitions seem more appropraite somehow.

Hmm. You need the item to work on command to trap the spell being cast, but once activated maintain the effect indefinitely. I'm not sure how to do that.

Lucius, would it be alright if I post some of your spells/effects in the spells wiki? (Or you could...)

Feel free to post everything I make in your wiki :slight_smile:

Brave last words :wink:

Skull of the Tower's Ghost
This enchanted device is composed of a human skull, with a precious star ruby embedded in its forehead. It is opened with 24 pawns of Vim, of which 22 are invested with powers.

Seat of Consciousness: This power, activated by command of someone holding the skull, binds a minor (nameless) airy spirit into it. The power forces the spirit to dwell in the skull, and to activate its other powers as commanded by the person that bound it. The spirit has Intelligence 0, Magic Might 5, and no powers. (ReMe 47; Base 20, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +4 levels Constant Effect, +3 levels Penetration)

Intentionality: This power constantly detects the bound spirit's mind, allowing the other powers to use it as a linked trigger. (InMe 32; Base 15, +2 Sun, +4 levels Constant Effect, +3 levels Penetration)

Sensorium: This power allows the bound spirit to sense everything that happens within the structure it lies in. It sees and hears all. (InIm 24; Base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun, +3 structure, +4 levels Constant Effect)

Apparition: This power allows the spirit to create an apparition, a ghostly figure it can use to communicate with others. It is limited to a single ghostly apparition, with a consistent voice and appearance. The spirit is confined to using its apparition in accordance with its masters' command, but sometimes spirits find loopholes to communicate and find ways to release themselves. (CrIm 43; Base 2, +1 touch, +1 concentration, +3 structure, +1 complexity, +2 moving, +10 levels Unlimited Frequency, +3 levels Linked Trigger)

Soma: This power allows the spirit to control objects within the structure it touches. It moves things clumsily, but with great strength (as per The Unseen Porter with finesse 0). Although it can move several items at once, its mental capacity to coordinate such efforts is limited. (ReTe 43; Base 3, +1 touch, +1 concentration, +3 structure, +2 metal, +10 levels Unlimited Frequency, +3 levels Linked Trigger)

I like the implementation, how the spirit doesn't have to power anything so the spirit virtues in Mysteries Revised aren't needed.

I don't believe that assumeing that there is always a might 5 spirit available waranted. (But you might be able to convince me otherwise.)

I think that a constant duration creo vim effect that creates a spirit would be an alternative.

Where such airy spirits are available is certainly a subject to SG fiat. It may be necessary to take the skull high, near the lunar sphere, for example, or to the heart of a storm... whatever.

I like to think in terms of a "supervenience" theory of supernaturalism. The earth is the demense of the devil and filled with countless minor demons, it is governed by Divine spirits with minor angels in charge of every blade of grass, all things have spirits and magical power as elementals, airy spirits, daemons, and countless other minor magical spirits, and all things are alive with countless faery spirits toiling to manage the world. All those contradictionary things are true at the same time, at different levels of reality. When a Realm's aura increases, the spirits associated with it and its dominion over the world become manifest. Thus in a sufficiently high magical aura, Magic Might 5 airy spirits (or elementals) would be found in every breeze. Certain virtues might allow the magus to access this invisible world (akin to animae magic), but otherwise in mundane lands or places under the sway of another realm magical spirits would not be accessible.

I would consider a spell to make a spirit a Ritual, hence denying it as an invested power (barring virtues such as Spell Binding, which kinda defeat the purpose...).

Blood of the Berserker(ReCo25, Diameter, Touch, Individual, Base 15(direct the flow of bodily energy))
This spell allows the target to use as many fatigue level for combat exertion as he wants. The limit of one per turn is removed, in fact he may use more fatigue leves than he have, but doing this deals im +5 dmg for every additional fatigue level (like the hermetic virtue Life Boost). If you use all fatigue levels you have you lose your consciousness at the END of the turn you burn them.

Rage of the Berserker(ReMe15, Touch, Diameter, Individual, Base 4, +1 for use even if there are no fatigue levels)
The target of the spell cant lose his consciousness even if he have no fatigue levels. Every round he acts (instead of standing still or rest, like fihting or spell casting) with no fatigue level he gets +0 dmg.

This spells were made by Archmage Urgen ex Bjornaer. In combination with spells like Endurance of the Berserker or Call of the Berserker he can change himself or his companions into real, self-destroying berserkers.

Nice spells!
I would add that the damage is soaked only by Stamina (no armor, no Tough, etc).

Each fatigue level exerted gives the character bonnus to their attack equal to their combat ability.

One of the sample starting characters (the specialist grog p21) has a combat ability of nine (skill 7 + puissant).

Using this spell they could go from fresh to unconcious taking +10 damage in one round. This gives him a bonus of 63 to his attack score. A total attack score of 80.

Say the grog was fighting Stellatus the might fifty dragon (p.194), say for the sake of argument that the grog and the dragon rolled equally during a round of combat; the Grog would do +50 damage to the dragon, incapacitating it.... without having to overcome magic resistance.

I would venture that this spell is too good. I believe that 19 year old grogs should not be meaner than might 50 dragons/ demons/ angels/ faeries/ etcetra.

Instead I would allow the character to "double exert" at the cost of two fatigue levels and +0 damage. This is impressive enough

Ah you are right, I dont know why but I have a +3 bonus for exertion in mind (and with this rule this spell wouldnt be overpowered)... even after reading the rules 20 times... must eat more braiiiiins!
More fatigue levels could be spend with more magnitudes: +1 magnitude = 3 fatigue levels per round, +2 magnitudes 4 ect...

And of yourse this damage can only be soaked by stamina and a cord bonus or such things. I thougt this would be clear. :slight_smile:

Found sonething relevant in Mysteries Revised. General hermetic (non-mystery) guidelines for all rego + form combinations (p 28)

Level 15 summon a disembodeied spririt of (form)
level 5 Control a disembodied spirit of (form)

These guidelines do specify the need to have the spell penetrate. They could be used for your item.

strictly they "remind" you of the need to penetrate, since the lack of that reminder has produced contention in a number of places.
All spells need to Penetrate ... yes even Aimed spells.

  • a directly Targeted spell needs to penetrate the MR of its target or else it fizzles and never appears
  • an indirect Aimed spell generally does not need to Penetrate, as the targeted point is space does not usually have MR (but may, and if it does, spell must Penetrate);
    an Aimed spell once cast and in place may then be resisted in any secondary effects (eg magical flame). An Aimed Pit doesn't usually need to Penetrate as it produces an absence into which nature makes things fall... but even then if you apply Finesse & possibly Rego to equip the pit with spikes, then the Spikes will be resisted by those falling on them

Summon Spells have a direct Target so are immediately resisted, an if resisted never happen (you don't get a summoned but uncontrolled spirit) (but it is "made aware" per MR rules, and may be peeved enough to try to follow the spell link)

Timestop(PeMe25, Voice, Concentration, Individual, Base 10)
This spell removes all active thoughts, all active memories, all active emotions from a persons mind as long as the spell lasts. In this time this person freezes as if time would stand still for him, he doesnt sense or can remember anything that happens while he is under influence of this spell. After the duration the victim doesnt know that he was freezed (ok if he was freezed at day and he wakes up at night it is something he should wonder about :wink:).
This spell was developed by the magus Ius ex Bonisagus to freeze other people in order to peer into their minds, steal something from them, sneak behind them and/or stab them.