Map of Andorra

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I googled Images for Keep on the Borderlands, and found these two gems :slight_smile:
I like the second one the best.

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Some smallish corrections and story ideas for the map of locations:

Soldeu - El tartar. Actually in Catalan is Soldeu El Tarter, not tartar. A "tartera" is a sliding rock surface, so El Tarter would be a place with plwenty of sliding rock places:

Nice habitat for a supernatural creature of Terram that is happy to cause avalanches.

Some name translations. happily a lot of them have meaning :slight_smile:

Prats: grass fields
Pas de la casa: House's Pass
Grau Roig: Red pass (the pass is a slope that saves a mountain area that is extremely steep/vertical, otherwise it would be "pas", not "grau")
Meritxell: it is a girl name
Encamp: encampment or "in the field"
Vila: village, major farm
Escaldes: place with termal fountains. Esccaldar-se is actually to get skin blisters due to putting yourself in boiling water.
Les Salines: the salt fields. Like in English, I think (Salina)
El Serrat: the serrated one. reference to the mountains for sure.
La Cortinada: the courtained (from courtain)
Pal: it means "stick" (singular), but I am unsure if that is the meaning of the place, since wooden stick doesn't look like a great name.
Andorra la vella: Andorra the ancient/old
Llumeneres: Light's place. "LLum" means light in catalan. Ignem/imaginem vis source if you ask me
Fontaneda: fountain place.


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Awesomeness, will find a way to work much of this in :wink: