MAps Iberiain 1200s

is there a good place to get maps of Iberia in the 1200s? Mainly around the Toledo.


Maps from that period are pretty hard to ocome by because they did not share our sense of geogrpahy, pre 15-16th century is often touch and go, good maps largely rose from the consolidation of states who needed to know what is where, as opposed to just the Baron who knows where most of his stuff is because he can ride there within a day or two from his castle.

That aside, if you don't need something too zoomed in, you can check out the Crusader kings 2 game (which is free now) and has a very serviceable map of europe.

Does anyone have the new Spanish Iberia tribunal book?

A fair number of us have bought it, I believe.

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The recent Iberia book does incluye a medieval-style map of the overall Tribunal as well as regional “zoom ins” of each kingdom. I don’t know if that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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I do not own the Spanish Iberia book. can not read Spanish. I was hoping maybe there might be some players in Spain who would be able to help with maps.

Take a look at the map of Iberia that @Sylph and Malkut have created on Google Maps taking into account the book of the Iberian Tribunal: