Maps to track people and ships

In the "do you use maps" discussion @InfinityzeN mentioned a map for tracking trading vessels.

I assume this is a variant of the Inexorable Search.

What automapping spells and items are there in the books and peoples sagas?

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Actually the map tracking the trade ships is a variant of The Master's Chart, TtA page 29. However rather than going with an invested device with two effects, we produced a version that combined the effects.

In(Re)He 30
Pen +0, 24/day, RDT: Arcane Connection, Momentary, Group
Base 2, +4 AC, +2 Group, +1 Requisite; Mods: +5 for 24/day
When activated, the map determines the location of all the ships that arcane connections upon it are located and moves those arcane connections to the appropriate location on the map that matches their actual location.

The actual map is made from a large roll of some scaled leather (sea serpent hide), with all of the drawings and writings on it made from varies metals and stones (via varies versions of Ink of Noblest Metal). The AC's to the ships are made from small pieces of their hulls, carved into miniature versions of the varies ships and fixed.

In addition each of the three largest have a slate board with a small chalk holder and brush combo chained to it. When activated, moving one of the combos moves the other in a matching way. So you can write out rough text in chalk or erase it and that will happen to the matching set. Useful for simple back and forth, such as giving orders ("Return to home" or "Buy brass"), giving the price of goods, and so forth.

We do have a mirror enchanted with Eternal Repetition in a Bottomless Pool (Cov, page 101) which while not primarily used for, can be used to read the ships logs of the varies ships in our trade fleet since we have AC to said ships logs. Most of our agents are gifted with small books that have an AC stored, allowing them to make reports and such from anywhere without having to send them.