I have a little request:

Would it be possible for Atlas games to publish all the maps in the various Tribunal & "Geography Books" (TC&TC, BS&S) here on their website?

They are a tremendous help to GMs and the play but I hate to try to photocopy or scan them because i am so protective of the health of my books.

I'd love to have these in pdf!

In most of our sagas we post a map on the wall.

That would actually be very useful and welcome indeed.

So, what do we do? I'm not sure any Atlas staff member would notice such a wish in a thread among so many others.

Maybe we should create a thread with a poll. "Would you like to have Atlas make pdf files of the tribunal maps available for download?" And then see what the number of interested users is. We could even be so cheeky to make the poll with only the "yes, please" option (if this is possible).
And then write a polite mail to Atlas asking if this is possible, noting just how many people would clap their hands if it happened.

Is this something that could be added to Project Redcap?

I would also like to have them, really.

Atlas originally did it with the Rhine Tribunal map (see, but I think it's the only one available...

I know this is not a solution to the problem, but if you've bought the books in PDF, you can use the maps from the PDF file without damaging the book by scanning/photocopying.

There's a really excellent map of 1200 Europe I have you might want. I can link it when I get home.
The only major difference between it and 1220 that I recall is that the English Angevin empire was kicked out of most of the Frankish kingdom between those years.

I know that, but I don't really feel like buying both the hardback book and the pdf just to get 1-3 pages. Atlas Games have already given us 1 map, I just thought what is the harm to ask for the others

And the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire and its subsequent division into the Latin Empire, Kingdom of Thessalonic, Empire of Nicea, Despotate of Epiro, Duchy of Naxos, Duchy of Athenas, and a couple smaller ones like Negroponte or Candia...

Duh, I should have remembered that, too. Yes, that's also a major thing. ... e_1200.jpg
Totally forgot to link this earlier.

So as he said, the Roman Empire there has temporarily fallen as a result of the 4th Crusade. You'll need to look in the Thrace book.
In France, the English have been largely kicked out except for maybe a holding in Brittany in the northwest.
The Kingdom of Mann is absorbed by Scotland in 1265.

Uh. Not sure what else has changed!

For comparison, here:

Thanks for the map! :slight_smile:

Also, as a curiosity, Al-Idrisi's real-life map of the world from the 12th Century: ... 0690394560

I am entertained by the fact that Africa is fairly well-detailed, with even Lake Victoria present, while Europe is a dry, sere waste.

Other way around, I'm afraid. Islamic maps have south at the top: what you are seeing as Lake Victoria is the Caspian Sea (probably)


I'm even more entertained in that I saw what I wanted to see! How interesting.

Yep, north is at the bottom of the map. :stuck_out_tongue: