Marcus ex mercere

why is kingdom of sicily lore at 1 with 15 xp?

also it should be born and bred, not born and bread... assuming he is not a faerie gingerbread man...

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Typoes in both cases ...

I see I made some mistakes with the spells. Trying to fix it.

most period dice were made from animal bones, not plants
Also your tractatus would be quality 13:
2(com)+3(good teacher)+6+2(average of teaching and craft:poetry)

I thought both were common, but I'll switch to an An version. Feels better.

At the moment, I am trying to figure out if I can make my spells useful with Short-Ranged Magic.

You may have missed this since you were posting while I was editing

??? Zero Teaching and 1 in Poetry ... but I had forgotten the house rule

my mistake, I read experience as score- 11 would be correct

Now I have made some fixes. I added a year to his age to get some teaching and take advantage of that house rule.
More importantly, I swapped out the Short-Range Magic. Too many spells were worth-less with it.
The Loading the Dice spell should be level 15, so I had to shuffle around, bot to afford the spell levels and to be able to use it in the Dominion.

I hope I have not messed up anything else :slight_smile:

ReAn base 1: manipulate an object made from animal products. Which guideline were you using?

My fault. I thought ReAn and ReHe would be the same, but in core they are not.

it appears you are 5 xp short of your age at this point... also with the revised stats your tractatus quality would be 12, not 13- but it does make the quick copies sound tractatus worth 2 vis apiece...

Did you count the 5xp for mastery? Loading the Dice was increased to 2.

For the quality, I counted
6 + com 2 + good teacher 3 + (craft poetry 2 + teaching 1 + speciality 1)/2 = 13
Is it the teaching speciality in writing which you do not approve? Or did I mess up the calculation?

I missed the teaching ability, I was trying to follow the edits instead of just reading the sheet and simply missed it.
character is approved to join in play.

however one final offer- the merecere are willing to purchase the tractatus from you, including the rights to cow and calf, for 35 pawns apiece, any technique.

Wow. That is quite another order of magnitude than I had expected. Is that for the quick copies? Or the originals? And how do you interpret Cow and Calf in this instance? I.e. if I have two copies and sell one.

BTW. I detected another mistake. I had mixed up the locations of Harco and Magvillus. Growing up at Harco it does not make any sense to have area lore and language from Sicily. OK to change it to North Italy lore and Genoese?

That is fine.
the 35 pawns means you will give them both copies (they will pay an extra 2 pawns/copy for the spares) and essentially swear cow and calf as if they were the authors, and they now have sole rights to reproduce the books.
Otherwise they can of course facilitate a 2 pawn price for any of the books individually, whether you want cow and calf sworn or not. They will sell faster of course if you do not insist on cow and calf.

OK, so that's (generally speaking) 33p for the original with an exclusive right to reproduction applied to the work (any copy), and 2p per copy? Is that right?

If I had guessed in advance, I would not have bothered making the copies :slight_smile: never mind

Am I able to purchase a couple of similar books, copies under Cow and Calf? Assuming I get 105p for the lot I have, maybe I can spend 6p to buy three similar sound tractatus in Cr+Co+Me? Of course, Cow and Calf applies, so I won't make any copies. If that goes in order, I'd like the 99p as 50p Creo, 19p Rego, 10p In, 10p Mu, 10p Pe.

total of 111 pawns, and yes, you will be able to buy copies of other tractatus with the vis. however they did specify any technique, so your creo quantity would be halved.

Q12 like the ones I sold, or do you want to specify details?

That I did not understand. I read it as «any technique I want». If they meant «any technique they have to spare», I am fine with that. I do not have any particular need any time soon.

It is a deal. If you give me the details, I'll update the character sheet.