Margerie Duhamel


then the advancement is approved.

Next ten years up.

Fortunam should be 7(2) instead of 7(3)

Will fix. Ok to proceed afterward?


Margerie done.

Can you determine the numbers for her formulary? (The number for each TeFo that I have to roll against to see if it has a given spell in it.)


I find two discrepancies on numbers- I have your teaching from your progression as 5(19) where you have 6(7)- the second is fortunam where I have 7(7) and you have 14(8).

I had similar to those numbers before I added the last ten years (in 1217).

Re the formulary, other combinations are 0?

recalculated the formulary:
SuMa: 4
SuSa: 5
VuMa: 6
VuSa: 8
TuMa: 8
TuSa: 8
TuFa: 8
SuFa: 9
VuFa: 9

character is approved