Margerie Duhamel

This character looks good, except that I come up 5 xp short for her age. maybe a score of 1 in byzantine Greek?

Sounds good!

She is updated btw

Margerie may start with one formulary


Doesn't matter much right now as she just has one TeFo combination but at some point we'll need to know what the various Ease Factors are for the different combinations. (Not that I will necessarily know). I am putting up a grid on the wiki.

@silveroak Does it make sense that a doctor/midwife would be recruited to the covenant? If so, I would like to use Margerie as a companion. I will make a couple of small changes, mostly to link her to a tribunal other than Thebes (probably Rome or Alps, whichever you think makes more sense for her to have been recruited from), but she will stay pretty much as-is.

One slightly larger change would be, may she initiate Magicam? (via the ungifted method, of course). I also considered asking for Mythic Alchemy and Mythic Herbalism, but don't want to overdo it, Magicam is the one that really matters. She will likely create a charta or amulet allowing her to grant herself the Control Fertility supernatural virtue; which may actually help explain her recruitment.

Here's a link so you don't have to dig for her on the wiki.

They are more likely to recruit them as agents than to work at the covenant- a few enchantments can make a physician far more effective and they can go lots of places and tend to be well liked.
Are you planning on adapting her, aging her to the current game, or how would you want to handle the change?

It hadn't really occurred to me to just leave her as-is and age her through to 1228; I think I will do that if it's ok.

Are you ok with her picking up the virtues I mentioned above?

Agent is better for stories, so that's fine with me; I was just thinking in terms of wanting to have grogs with lots of children, it might be desirable to have a medico on-site.

If you use her as is, she would definitely know my Magus, and might well be considered to get Mythic Herbalism, but not before the game starts, since all of my Magus' seasons have been claimed.

You can, using the scripts presented- a season of service drops the xp for that year by 2 (exchanging a 4xp practice for a 2 xp exposure), along with the required flaws for initiation. Also make sure you have required abilities in terms of what is needed by the script (generally magic lore) as well as the cult lore- the total number of initiations cannot exceed the score in cult lore.
obviously aging rolls will need to be made as well- she will not have a longevity ritual. She may wind up being an instructor instead of an emmisary depending on how the aging rolls turn out...

Do you want me to use standard advancement from the book or your granular rules? Are those for magi only?

the granular rules are for magi only. others would break down to 2 seasons exposure, 1 season practice (4xp) and one season exploration/adventure (7xp)..

Two things to check:

  1. What would she be employed doing at Epidauros (for the purpose of what she can get exposure to).

  2. Succurro Salutem can make a charta that gives a bonus to living conditions, up to +10 (depending on lab total), that lasts for a season; so since it only takes about a day to make one it doesn't really have a seasonal impact. Just want to run this by you for approval. I assume warping from ongoing effects isn't limited to Hermetic Magic so she will get a warping point per year?

Duties would probably vary between caring for patients and teaching to magi who were interested in learning the techniques of a different tradition (essentially providing teaching inspiration for breakthroughs), possibly being encouraged to take on her own unGifted apprentice to carry on her work.

everything in 2) is confirmed.

Sorry I've been delayed on getting her years posted. Do you want me to break them up or just post in one chunk?

Question about charms: In the LM section, it says, "Similarly, when creating new charms, whether from a Lab Text or from scratch, a learned magician may multiply his Lab Total by five."

I'm assuming that the level of the individual spells must be more limited. Should I do it like teaching spells, where the level of each individual spell is limited to the lab total?

Break the years up, at most a decade at a time.

In principle I am treating this the same way I do Hermetic magic with high magic theory- you could, in theory use that x5 to generate a really massive spell quickly- one that you would never be able to actually cast. Your limitation here his pragmatic.

posted first 10 years. Sorry if the format is bad for your spreadsheet, I can change it if I need to.

advancement approved

I posted 10 more years.

by my calculation magicam should be at 15(2), and salutem should be at 13(5)