Mark Faulkner?


I have not seen Mark Faulkner (Marko Markoko) post in ages, and the light of andorra saga seems to be dead as well. Has he disappeared? Does anyone know why?


Been worried about the same thing - he is still the most active poster we've got on this forum, a great storyguide and all. I hope he is well.

I believe he's been quite busy with his day job. I talked to him last spring, and things had really begun ramping up. His facebook feed was active as of today, so I think work has just swallowed him whole.


I played tabletop Ars with him a year or two ago, from what he said the last time I asked, yes he has become quite the busy bee.

I do miss his vociferous tenacity to winning a person over with a idea and his depth of Ars knowledge and perspective. :smiley:

Glad to know he is well at least. Pity he has been sidetracked from Hermetic studies :slight_smile:


Well you know how it is, once you waste 10 days in a season with this plague called "mundane work" you've pretty much spoiled chances of doing serious Hermetic work...

Yeah. Guess he is getting Practice in some arcane abilities, at least.

Well, practice xp is okay, but it seems that exposure xp are frowned upon nowadays.

Thanks for creating this thread.

Marko Markoko is alive and well.
He also rules and kicks ass.
The reason for his absence is frustration and stress. The "Light of Andorra" game utterly fell to pieces, he managed to alienate all of his favorite players in his wild attempts to keep it going, but in the end it collapsed. So he hung his head in shame and wandered away.
Also, there was a book project he was working on that utterly went to pieces. Frustrating, as some of his bvest and most passionate ideas were blasted to pieces by another author he was working with.
Trying to ramp it up with work, well, that didn't work out as well as he hoped.
Markoko also reconeccted with his ex recently, his baby's mamma. 4th time around. Ended they way it always does. Went to hell in a handbasked, but at least enjoyed the ride. Doesn't matter, 'cause he has dozens of cuties in his stable just waiting for a chance.
Marko Markoko hasn't cracked open an Ars Magica book in over a year, and he isn't even sure if he remembers how to play the game anymore.
Marko Markoko has also recontacted with his old buddy Carmello Hernandez, the player that created the original Antonio. They live thousands of miles apart, and they have been discussing the possibility of starting a new on-line game here on this site.
Maybe Markoko will return. Maybe he won't. Possibilities are up in the air right now.
How do I know these things?
Because I am Marko Markoko, and I both rule and kick ass.

~Mark D Faulkner

Glad to hear you are still ruling and kicking ass :mrgreen: Best wishes with whatever you do!


I smell smoke, I smell fire, I smell House Flambeau.

[strike]I have it - does pointing out that the sidebar at the base of page 122 is repeated on 123 in its entirity count as proof of that?

I've only read three chapters thus far - The Burning City (fun, inspirational), The Living Corpse (nice ideas, flawed execution) and the Menagerie of Magical Beasts (great fun, absolutely dripping with story hooks). I can try to post a more thorough review when I've actually finished it.[/strike]

Ack! Wrong thread!

:laughing: :smiley:
Glad to hear you're alive and well!

Whatever you do, I wish you good luck and good friends.

Fare well

Likewise glad to hear you are alive and well!

Best wishes

:smiley: Good to hear from you.