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A Tuareg woman, she was raised at home, and was found to have a talent for languages from a young age. But her life turned upside down, when a Settuten discovered that, while she doesn't have the Gift, she has Magic Sensitivity, and the ability to learn Divination, and Dislocation, and took her as an apprentice.
She has rebelled, somewhat, against her tradition, as she wishes to see places beyond the Desert. In her travels, she has met the Magi of our covenant, who helped her expose a plot of Sahir to strike at the Tuareg People. She has since joined forces with them, and is a sort of liasion between them and the Tuareg.
This affords her a chance to travel, while keeping ties to her people, though it has made other Settuten not very eager to Initiate her into the other mysteries of the Tradition.


This character concept will be complicated by the fact that following the Mongol Horde's invasion all Sahir are part of the Order of Hermes, and technically within their rights within the order to molest the Settuten. Some may have been trying to convince her to join ex miscelania. which also would not go over well in a culture which prides itself on independance.