Mastered Spell

Hello everyone, i need your help. I readed the rules for Spell Mastery and i have a question. But first the rules :
A magus can master a spell by reading a book, tractatus or summae about the mastery of the spell.
A magus can win point in spell mastery with the help of another magus (teaching).
Example :
My magus invent a totally original spell level 25. There is no book or teacher for this spell.
There is no way to learn the corresponding ability.
My question : how he can win ability point for this spell ?
I found no other rules for spell mastery. Did my magus had to use he's laboratory scores minus the level of the spell during one season ?
Example :
Lab score - magnitude x 5 = XP win in the corresponding ability

Thanks for your help

  1. Adventure XP can possibly be assigned to a spell mastery, if you cast the spell during the adventure.

  2. Practice rules. As stated on page 164 of the core book -

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The usual method is to practice the spell by repeatedly casting it, gaining 5 XP in Spell Mastery over the course of a season. See p. 164 in Ars Magica 5th Edition.

Alternatively, he could put adventure XP into mastering the spell.

Thanks for your help.
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