Mastery and spell


I was wondering,
if i have a spell, let's call it "freezing dawn" PeIg level 15 (base 5 +2 voice) ; inflicts +5 damage at target, no armor.

I spend 15 points to mastery.
My mastery score is thus 2 (like for an ability).

I take, for my 1st score (of 1): multiple casting and for my 2d score (of 2): penetration.

My questions:

  • can i do 3 spells in the same round (the original + 2 copies (because mastery 2)) or only 2 (original + 1 copy (because only 1 score used in multiple casting))?

  • my spell has a +2 or +1 (same reflexion) in penetration?

Thanx guys!

You get three; one for the original and up to two copies for a Mastery of 2.

And then i get +2 penetration from my mastery score 2 ?

You get a +2 casting bonus and a +2 Penetration bonus for each of the spells.

Ok thanx.

More specifically the Penetration bonus adds to the Penetration score when you're doing a multiplier for haivng an arcane connection.

for example

Massimo O'Murder the Flambeau Perdo Specialist has Mastery 3 in 'Bring on the Pain' (PeCo 20) He is in combat with the Jerbiton Targ McPractice.

Targ has a Parma and Corpus of 4 and 7 respectively (27 in total). Massimo has a penetration of 3 and a x3 multiplier plus a Sta + Perdo + Corpus of 26. Normally this would mean that he would get a penetration of

6 (26 Base Casting -20 spell level), + 9 (penetration 3 x 3 form arcane connection) + a dice roll (or 15+ a dice roll)

the dice roll would have to be 12 (13 if you rule that resistance is not an ease facotr but needs beaten)+ to punch through the Parma.

This is against with the mastery of 3

6 (26 Base Casting -20 spell level), +3 mastery, + 18 (penetration 3 (+3 mastery) x 3 form arcane connection) + a dice roll (or 27 + a dice roll) the roll would simply have to botch (which at -3 botch dice is even less likely) to punch through Parma.