material for the Rhine Tribunal


On September, I will start a new saga set in the Rhine Tribunal, appealled by the great Guardian of the Forest book.

My previous one was set in the Normandy one, in Brittany. Living in France (in Brittany indeed) I had no difficulties finding sources for historical and legendary data, both on the Internet, in books and in trips. However my German is really basic (I studied it many years ago but never spoke it very much) and I'm only a beginner when it comes to German history and legends (I know of Barbarossa and the Niebelungen, not much more).

I checked the Internet sources in the GotF of course, some of the websites in English seems to be dead but there is still some available material on the legends.

However most of the historical material is in books, all of them quite hard to find in a French library.

Do you have any Internet resources (or French books) to recommend? I'm especially searching for political maps, heraldry and legends (fairies, saints, witches, demons, etc.) for the 1200-1300 period, in Germany and around the Upper Rhine area.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


for Saints check ... uxiliaires
The name "14 Nothelfer" developed in the beginning 14th century in the Rhine Tribunal. So this name is not known in the 13th century, but all these Saints are very important in this area.


You may also check: ... 20Orte.pdf
This information is in German and in French.


Thank you very much, both your links are most helpful. :smiley:

Your are welcome :slight_smile:

some folk tales with some connections to the Rhine:


Thanks, I already had some notions on the first two, but the last one is a great story seed! :smiley:

Could be fairies with a classic "do not see me" restriction, demons encouraging laziness but repelled by a woman faith, magi having sold some artefact...