Maternity Leave...

My Maga might (or might not) become pregnant soon, and, since she has the "Compassionate" flaw, I wondered what might be the default amount of time to spend dedicated to caring for the child, before giving it to a wet-nurse / nanny. Once I have a baseline of societal norms, she will obviously exceed it :slight_smile:

Also am I right in presuming that caring for a child (esp a newborn) would count as training XP for folk ken?

If she has a wet-nurse at hand, she could hand the baby over to her very soon - some few days after birth. Her complete recovery from childbirth - without the help of magic - will take several weeks, though.

Have a look at this: ... Outfit.pdf . How would your maga feel about swaddling? The typical wet-nurse will insist on it.


:laughing: I know my wife and I swaddled our child.

My magus' wives were different, one swaddled, one did not. But nice point....

Parenting in game is crazy fun so far!