Matheus, a Down-on-His-Luck Merchant

[size=150]Matheus of Nice[/size]

Matheus was the son of a merchant in Nice. He was educated at a local grammar school and apprenticed in the Merchant's Guild in Nice. When he became a journeyman, he returned to work with his father and together they expanded the business, trading by ship all across the Mediterranean. When his father died a few years ago, Matheus took over running the family business.

Alas, the last year has not gone well for Matheus. First, he had a large shipment lost at sea in a storm. Then a trader who owed him a large sum of money went bankrupt with no assets to seize. Finally, a trading ship that Matheus was on was taken by pirates, his cargo was seized, and he was captured. He used his silver tongue to save himself, convincing the pirates that the Merchant's Guild in Nice would negotiate a ransom for him. The pirates agreed, and eventually Matheus was freed.

Unfortunately, repaying the Merchant's Guild for the ransom nearly beggared Matheus. He has enough to live on for a while, but not nearly the amount he would need to bankroll the kinds of ventures he had in the past. Even a minor venture is beyond his means. He's also found that many of his colleagues were fair-weather friends, unwilling to help him now that he has little to offer in return. That leaves him pondering his future and wondering if after a successful career he'll have to start all from scratch.

Age: 36 (36)
Decrepitude: 0 (1)
Size: 0

Int +2
Per +1
Str -1
Sta 0
Pre +2
Com +1
Dex -1
Qik 0

Merchant (free)
Puissant Area Lore
Puissant Living Language


[tableborder][tr][th]Ability[/th] [th]Rank[/th] [th]Specialty[/th] [th]XP[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: Greece[/td] [td][center]2+2[/center][/td] [td]merchants[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: The Levant[/td] [td][center]2+2[/center][/td] [td]merchants[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: The Mediterranean[/td] [td][center]2+2[/center][/td] [td]merchants[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: Proven├žal[/td] [td][center]2+2[/center][/td] [td]merchants[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: Italian States[/td] [td][center]2+2[/center][/td] [td]merchants[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: Sicily[/td] [td][center]1+2[/center][/td] [td]merchants[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Artes Liberales: Latin, Greek, Arabic[/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td] [td]rhetoric[/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Awareness[/td] [td][center]2[/center][/td] [td]detecting lies[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Bargain[/td] [td][center]7[/center][/td] [td]spices[/td] [td][center]140[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Brawl[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td]dodge[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Carouse[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td]staying sober[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Charm[/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td] [td]looking honest[/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Civil and Canon Law[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td]laws for merchants[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Dead Language: Latin[/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td] [td]church use[/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Etiquette[/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td] [td]townsfolk[/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Folk Ken[/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td] [td]townsfolk[/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Guile[/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td] [td]puffery[/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Intrigue[/td] [td][center]2[/center][/td] [td]rumors[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Leadership[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td]apprentices[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Living Language: Arabic[/td] [td][center]2+2[/center][/td] [td]buying and selling[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Living Language: French[/td] [td][center]5+2[/center][/td] [td]conversational[/td] [td][center]0 (+75)[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Living Language: Greek[/td] [td][center]2+2[/center][/td] [td]buying and selling[/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Living Language: Italian[/td] [td][center]3+2[/center][/td] [td]buying and selling[/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Organization Lore: Nice Merch. Guild[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td]bylaws[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Philosophiae[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td]moral philosophy[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Profession: Merchant[/td] [td][center]4[/center][/td] [td]accounting[/td] [td][center]50[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Swim[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td]staying afloat[/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr][/tableborder]

Aging Rolls
1219: Aging roll: 1D10+4 = [5]+4 = 9
1220: Aging roll: 1D10+4 = [8]+4 = 12; 1 AP in Dex (Dex goes down to -1)

I figured since I only have one grog, I might post for consideration the sort of merchant grog who might be found in Provencal. (He could be relocated as needed.)


Would you have any interest in making a craftman's apprentice? I think a lot of our grogs are looking for one, and most of the the rest should be.

Who's most in need of an apprentice?

This is good, though I may play with the story line after being captured by pirates.

On my side, Paphos and Penko are both looking for someone with good dex and a propensity towards masonry. Depending on inclination towards art or practicality would clinch the deal although Paphos needs someone who can spend time inside the aura.

Ismael already blocked out teaching time this season and was going to take one of our young orphans as apprentice, but I think he/she would need a player to advance any.

Paola is musing asking Madaleen if she can apprentice under her. Craftswoman is higher status than serving wench.

I believe others were interested in finding apprentices, but I do not recall who.

Whatever works best for the story.

one detail: profession merchant- is that supposed to be 4 at 50 points or 5 at 75 points? 4 puts the age at 37 so I am assuming this is the correct value

4 at 50. The 5 must have been a typo. I'll correct,