Maximizing longevity

I wished to compile a checklist of all the possible means a mage character could use to maximize their lifespan, both in terms of delaying aging and Final Twilight.

To my knowledge:

Faerie Magic (no extra botches in faerie auras)
Holy Magic (no extra botches in divine auras)
Cautious Sorcerer (reduced botch dice)
[Strong] Faerie Blood (bonus to aging rolls, [delayed aging onset])
Unaging (aging is not delayed but weathered much, much better, with no bodily deterioration or cosmetic wizening)
Maximized Creo (better longevity Lab Tot)
Maximized Corpus (better longevity Lab Tot)
Maximized Concentration (better ability to avoid Twilight)
Maximized Vim (better ability to avoid Twilight)
Familiar's Golden Cord (reduced botch dice)
Familiar's Bronze Cord (bonus to aging rolls)
Healthy Covenant Location (bonus to aging rolls)
Wealthy Covenant (bonus to aging rolls)
Longevity specialization to Magic Theory (better longevity Lab Tot)
Longevity, Creo, and Corpus specializations to Laboratory (better longevity Lab Tot)
General Quality Bonus to Laboratory (better longevity Lab Tot)

Affinity with Creo, Corpus, Vim
Puissant Creo, Corpus, Vim
Minor Magical Focus (Aging)
Book Learner (better Creo, Corpus, Vim scores)
Free Study (better Creo, Corpus, Vim scores)
Study Bonus (better Creo, Corpus, Vim scores)
Inventive Genius (better longevity Lab Tot)
Personal Vis Source in Creo, Corpus, Vim
Vis Extraction Specialization to Magic Theory (more vis to boost longevity ritual)
Vis Extraction Specialization to Laboratory (more vis to boost longevity ritual)
Personal Creo, Corpus, or Vim Vis Source

Anything else that I'm not aware of ?

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I'm without a covenants book to refrence but isn't there a laboratory option for increased saftey?

Flawless magic gives a level of mastery in every formulaic spell that the magus knows and doubles their study totals for any spell mastery skill meaning far fewer botch dice.

Non-spontinaety is a flaw which will force the character to concentrate on formulaic magic and magic items and thus redue the number of botch dice they roll.

Verdituius magic will encourage a character to use more items than spells and thus reduce the number of botch dice.

Twilight mastery might let the character choose to gain virtues and flaws from twilight experiences that are compatible with longevity.

A high stamina (improved characteristics, great characteristic, or that uber characteristic virtue from the Mercere section of True Lineages that I can't recall the name of) certainly would help.

Improved intellegence would help with the longevity ritual

certainly something like restriction "can't cast spells in infernal auras" might lead to fewer botches.

A personality trait of cautious or cowardly might help as well.

A flaw that hinders a magus's ability to experiment in the laboratory might increase his or her longevity.

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seek the path that grants imortality of the forrest.

It's number five on his original list (isn't it?)

Actually it isn't. I was referring to the Unaging Supernatural Virtue, while he's referring to the Forest Path that grants Immortality of the Forest. Well, that's a great idea for a pure lab rat, quite lousy if you mean to go on adventures, since you need to stay in the forest's aura for it to work (double so since the Flaw price is Difficult Longevity Ritual).

Hopefully, HoH: MC and TMRE will allow for Alchemist, Theurgist, Criamon and Merinita Inner Mysteries with ways of fully defying the Limit of Aging that are loaded with less drawbacks.

Quite a good idea (even if Cautious Sorcerer and Faerie/Holy Magic or a familiar with Golden Cord are superior in that they work for Spont magic, too). However, combining Flawless with any of the above makes for a really efficient botch-killing combo.

Uhm, yes, but isn't giving up Spont Magic rather too excessive a price ?? These are really too extreme options, even if they admittedly belong in a complete list of options.

What are you referring to ?? The Major Virtue from the Forest Path of the same name? Admittedly, being able to choose the effects of one's twilights makes for a really tempting option (bye-bye, losing Arts and spells to bad twilights :wink:), but IIRC, it's a Criamon-only option, and to gain it, you have to load up on Twilight-enhancing flaws, so it's doubtful that walkers of the path actually manage to dodge Final Twilight long enough to enjoy its fruits.