medeival bookmarks?

what would medieval bookmarks look like?
this is just for curiosities sake on my part, but if you can find a adventure using a bookmark you will have my attention!

The expensive books had a ribbon bound in to use as a bookmark (technically called a "register" in modern English).

Check out this website: ... bookmarks/

Bookmarks make excellent clues about what the mage is researching, right down to the right page.

Registers don't have to be single, either. Two or three registers, plus unbound spare ribbons might be used.

any magical bookmarks out there?
maybe one that "heals" books?

I believe Covenants has some information on enchanting books. A register could be either enchanted or part of the trigger for a Watching Ward.

"Healing" books is another issue. First, breaking an item tends to destroy all enchantments on it (ArM pg. 100), so the register would have to be enchanted separately from the book. Next, as at least one other prior thread has discussed, there is no way to restore the text on the page of a damaged/destroyed book without the magic somehow knowing the contents of the book in the first place; the magic to do that is usually far more cost-prohibitive than just searching for a new copy or finding another route to the knowledge (something like a CrHe(An) with an integrated Caananite Necromantic component that literally yanks a copy of the text out of the mind of the spirit of the dead author).