Medieval animals that heal

I've tried to research animals that had a reputation for healing humans (usable as Corpus familiars)

so far, I've come across:

  • dogs (licking wounds)
  • hedgehogs
  • caladrius (after finding it remembered I had read about it in RoP:M
  • bears (but mostly in the new world)

So are there other healers in the animal kingdom? Maybe somewhere in Plinius big book of lies? Or elsewhere?

From the top of a layman's head:

[]Leech [hirudo medicinalis] (counters bad humors)[/]
[]Bull/ox [bos primigenius] (virility, fertility rituals)[/]
[]Foaling mare [equus ferus/caballus], or rather its milk (general CrCo ingredient)[/]
[]Cat [felis] (fickle, might counter nightmares in south eastern European cultures, actually ReMe rather than Corporem)[/]

I can't think of anymore at this time, but since the animals of virtue were pulled from Pliny, here's a link to an English translation of his Natural History:

Edit: Now that I think of it, the unicorn and it's horn comes to mind.

Now THAT would be a familiar!!! Only suitable for frigid female magae, but hey :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess if one were too go with virility and fertility any hare/rabbit/coney. And weren't snakes a fertility animal as well...hence the easter bunny laying eggs. Or am I way off base here?

Thank you, IMHO!Unicorn is quite an idea - are there stats for it somewhere? Although the unicorn must be able to shape-shift into a normal pony if the maga goes to town...

And where is the fun in that? :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: A unicorn was something like Might 40 IIRC, though, so good luck binding it :slight_smile:


Are there unicorn stats somewhere?

Dunno in ArM5. for Arm4 there were in Medieval bestiary