Megaliths Map of Europe

I love this site:

I'm sure many of you know of it already, but for those that don't....

It's a little clunky to figure out, but once you do, it's easy to use.

click on the type of megaliths you want to see on the map (cave systems, stone circles, etc.) then click "Initialize."

Thus will be revealed a map that shows all of the megaliths of that type in Europe (that have been registered with the site.) The map is always centered on England at first, but you can click on anywhere in the smaller Europe on the lower right, and see other parts of Europe.

If you see a marker you want to view, click "Query" in the upper right, and then click on the marker. Information will appear below the map.

Good stuff for inspiration!

Have a good one,

Hey, great! Thanks! :smiley:

However, SG's shouldn't feel limited by that, only inspired. For the vast majority of the centuries from the 1200's onward, megaliths were torn down, either due to religious enthusiasm or for convenient building materials, etc.

So, if there's not one where you need it, just slap it down, no prob! (The fact that it got torn down a few centuries later is none of the Players' concern... assuming it survives contact with PC's in the first place, that is!) 8)

This post is really helpful and has no idiotic spell attempt! THANK YOU!!