Members of the Covenant

I made this reference list up for my own use and thought others might find it helpful.

Agapitus of Mercere: A member of the Milvi Antiquiti, and a master of mutantum magics. i[/i]
Evangelos of Jerbiton: A craftsman magus with incredible precision in his magic. i[/i]
Liberius of Bonisagus: A well-spoken, intelligent information magus who can only cast magic from books. i[/i]
Maximillian of Verditus: An attractive and intelligent crafting magus with particular skill in fire magics. i[/i]
Omphalos of Bonisagus: An attractive magus with an affinity for air magics and a weakness for the ladies. i[/i]
Orion of Merinita: A one-eyed water magus with the blood of the Cyclopes and their father, Poseidon, running through his veins. i[/i]

Alexander: A lecherous woodcrafter of incredible skill who follows the ways of the old gods. i[/i]
Aureliano of Mercere: A strong and attractive Redcap plagued by a faerie of the winter court. i[/i]

Anastasia: A gentle-gifted young girl with boundless optimism, who serves as Orion’s apprentice. i[/i]
Charmion: A water nymph who resides in the magical spring near Palavo Pyrgos and is eager to find followers of the old ways. i[/i]
Christophoros: A former-apprentice-turned-schoolmaster who is as gifted in his profession as he is proud of his abilities. i[/i]
Gabriel Monomochos: Commander of the turb and former leader of a band of resistance fighters during the Latin invasion. i[/i]
Iosif: A former mercenary plagued by some kind of strange magical entity. i[/i]
Stavros: A wealthy dwarf merchant with a growing family. i[/i]

Gregorios: A skilled potion maker who looks like a living corpse because of a longevity potion that didn’t work exactly as planned. i[/i]
Paulos: A skilled cook and baker who gathers information almost as well as he cooks. i[/i]
Petre: A young boy who was raised by wolves and can speak to animals. i[/i]
Romanos: A skilled leader who serves as autocrat for the covenant. i[/i]
Zeno: A man-at-arms for the covenant who is particularly skilled with the spear. i[/i]

Rhode: A young warrior woman eager to prove herself every bit as tough as a man


  • Agapitus of Mercere
  • Aureliano of Mercere
  • Charmion (has a seat on the council, but no vote; wields a veto on any votes pertaining to the spring)
  • Evangelos of Jerbiton
  • Gabriel Monomochos (covenant representative)
  • Liberius of Bonisagus (current bibliothekarios)
  • Maximillian of Verditus (current tamias)
  • Omphalos of Bonisagus
  • Orion of Meritina (current archon)

Thanks, that's certainly useful. I keep going back to the main page of the saga trying to identify who is what. THat'll make things simpler.

Maximilian's short descrption should probably mention his skills in Ignem magic -- he would be known for Ignem more than for Herbam at this point.

I agree, this is going to be very useful.

The only thing I can think of to add would be the colours the characters talk in, once they've been established.

That's an excellent idea. I'll put them in their proper colors once they're settled.

I changed Orion's color, since it was identical to that used by Aureliano.

Omphalos uses red, which is why I switched Maximilian over to brown.

But then he used a Blue-ish color in a later post. That's why I didn't put in a color for him.

Right. That's the color he had initially used for Aureliano (the redcap), but it sure does look like he was using it for Omphalos for the later post.

yeah i was a dipshit and flipped it first post sposed to be red for redcap and omphalos sky blue

Which color would you prefer to use for each of them?

Aureliano the farthest lower left color

and Omphalos forth from the left on the top row