Mentem Magic to reduce/control stress


I was wondering if it would be possible to create a ReMe spell using the guidelines to either control a target´s mental state or emotions that could in effect make a stress roll become a simple roll. Thanks in advance!

In theory, I would say yes. But rather problematic. You have cast (As one of the people on the planet who values intelligence more then 99% of the population) a spell on your mind. This is going to be a stress roll (I don't care how calm things are, "surgery" by yourself, on yourself, is ALWAYS going to be stressful), and a botch? Gads!

No, because the stress roll isn't based on the mental state of the character: it's based on the consequences of the failure of the roll. That is, it's a game construct, not an observable, in-world thing. If you have a flaw like overconfident, which makes you unable to notice you are unlikely to succeed at things, you still have stress rolls.

Thanks guys!

I would never let such a spell work on magic, as that would be more Vim than Mentem anyway, but I had not thought of the situation as Timothy puts it. Thanks for the quick replies! :smiley: