mercer houses

Are Mercer Houses necessarily covenants? Or can they simply be administrative facilities?

I bring this up because HoH:TL mentions on pg. 82 that Barcelona has a Mercer House known as "Yuval's." But AM canon also has Barcelona Covenant in Barcelona, which governs all magical rights and responsibilities within the city.

Just wondering if Yuval's was intentional, or just an example.

Also wondering what the Hierarchy would be if both did exist in the city, especially because Barcelona Covenant is an all-Jerbiton covenant.


I remember an Iberian Mercer house actually being in a covenant, so I think they are two different things, which can over lap. The one in Stonehenge isn't in a covenant, but a large house outside Coventry.

Two great tastes that taste great together.

As for interaction, I would imagine they would be relatively friendly, but separate. This is a generalization, as there are many other circumstances that could make good stories.

Unless they were actually the same covenant, they would officially be totally autonomous, free to govern themselves within the rules of the Order.

I ended up having both Barcelona covenant and Yuval's Mercer house in Barcelona. I decided they have a tolerant relationship, only. Each benefit from the other, but Yuval would rather have complete autonomy.

And as it turned out, the characters actually did a small favor for Yuval in exchange for using his Portal, and in so doing used magic... thereby breaking Barcelona covenant's rule against using magic while in the city.

Should be some nice politicking at the next Tribunal.


Haha, nice! Always love "you're gonna pay at Tribunal" story hook!