Mercurian Cult Economy - 705 lvls of Spells

Took time to assemble core Mercurien LvL 5 spell list that non-Mercurians don't really bother with because they are trivial spontaneous effects. I see the cult having Technique Masters & Form Specialists. This tells a lot about they strenght and weaknesses, both for the Teacher & Student so they probably restrict these to cult members.

Sharing here so you don't have to redo the work if you want to intergrate in your Campaign.

Taking a young Magi with an average lab total of 25
705 levels of spells can be taught in about 10 seasons, Learned in about 30 or invented in about 60

The Cult is definitively stronger if it's members Teach/Learn these.


Mercurian Cult Rights & Obligations


  • Participate in Rituals - Contribute 1 vim vis per rite
  • Create Magical objects for the Cult
  • Get 1 season of Teaching of Formulaic spells @ 1 vim vis per 5 lvl of Lab Total of Initiator
  • Get 1 season of rite initiation in exchange for 2 seasons if from a Journeyman or 3 seasons if from a Master

Journeyman (Best Lab Total of 50+)

  • Recruit new members
  • Ensure members gather for the rites
  • Get 1 season of rite initiation in exchange for 2 seasons given to the Master

Master (Best Lab Total of 75+)

  • Lead Rites
  • Officiates new initiates
  • Direct Research & Philosophy of Cult
  • Act as Arbitrator & Judge in cases of disputes within Cult

You know the erratum makes it so they can do their sponts like others now, right? There is still a Flaw that inflicts the prior problem and is common among them, though.

True but I imagine that initiation scripts lean toward sacrificing it... If common and well supported, the flaw can become a strenght.

The campaign also predates the errata :wink:


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