Mercurian Ritualists

I've been a fan of Mercurian Magic for a long time. I've always liked the flavor and story behind it, more than the mechanics. Not that I suppose the mechanics are 'that' bad, though they definately come with some drawbacks. But the virtue itself isn't really what I wanted to discuss, at core.

My question for you all is this. Mercurians are obviously at their best when they are geared towards taking advantage of their Ritual Magic bonafides. What I have some trouble really envisioning is more than a couple of real areas of specialty for a good ritualist, even though I'm sure they are out there.

The most obvious one is of course Healing. Next comes the Aegis caster. What else? What other areas are really available to play strong to being a Ritual Magic user in, that are really worth exploring?

Construction (Creo Terram)
Transportation (Rego Terram, Hermes Portal)
Reforestation (Creo Herbam; of particular use in somewhere like the Rhine Tribunal)
Wealth Creation (Creo Terram, or possibly creation of some good like wood, wool, spices, etc that can laundered into mundane wealth)
Big Storms (Creo Auram; probably largely useful as a weapon)
Necromancy (raising up armies of Year duration skeletons/zombies)
Security (Rego Vim; sticking Watching Wards on things)

Personal improvement (CrCo & CrMe & perhaps CrAn or others)
Providing materials for Rego Craft Magic (CrAn & CrHe & CrTe & maybe some others)

One thought occurs to me, with the suggestion of Creo Auram spells. If it is a ritual, whether say a storm or a lightning bolt or whatever, doesn't that make it 'True Change'?

So you throw up a tornado as 'True Change' from a ritual and set it on a path towards the place where the bad men live, what can resist it?

Same thing if you cast Incantation of Lightning at range 'Arcane Connection' as a ritual. Here comes the 'true' lightning. What can resist it?

As a fellow mercurian mage with a deficiency in all elements, I went from security (ReVi, aegis and the like) to healing, and will move on to bodily improvement, I have enough Creo now to be able to make the smallest elemental things as well. I had not counted on the "permanent" duration being gone from the game.

Theurgy and daimonic pacts is another good area for Mercurian Ritualists.

But in general I think that the main area is "mighty" spells which are Rituals by virtue of how massive they are. In this, Mercurian magic helps not only because of the reduced vis requirements, but also because of the automatic Wizard Communion. Finally (assuming that Rituals always entail botch dice equal to their magnitude+1), "mighty" spells usually have a lot of botch dice, which Mercurian magic effectively cuts almost in half -- or even more if the caster has a familiar with a gold chord of strength 1 or more, mastery etc.