Mercurian Rituals and Flawless Magic?

The Mercurian Rituals from HOH:TL (and also mentioned in F&F) got me thinking. Learning them seems trivial, and the Mastery Ability is really what fuels the casting of them. Sure, they're non-Hermetic and Flawless Magic is a Hermetic virtue, but still - if one is ever going to use such rituals allowing the benefits of Flawless Magic would be nice.
Has anyone else ever thought about this?

Fenicil's Ritual Ability scores are not Spell Mastery, so I don't think so. It's not unbalancing, but it strikes me as an attempt to hammer a square peg into a round hole.

I don't think they need it.

I probably would allow the 'reinvention' of Fenicil's rituals as per the Mercurian Ritual reinvention stuff in Mythic Places, but there'd be more than a little bit of work involved in simply getting access to the texts in the first place. I can't see the senior magi of House Guernicus being super-keen on making them easier to distribute, given how thermonuclear-bomb they are.

I'd also suspect that the level requirements for transforming such spells into Hermetic effects would be crippling enough that there's a reason no-one has done it yet.

If someone gets to the point of turning them into Hermetic rituals, then subsequent mastery would indeed benefit from Flawless Magic. :slight_smile:

Yes, but

They are not spells. They do not follow the Hermetic Model.
I tend to think of them as an example of non-systematic magic. Each spell is an Art/Supernatural Ability in itself. No mastery available.

Not sure what spell mastery abilities would apply to these spells. If you thought of one, and since they are abilities, could they not be specialties?

As to the botch reducing effects of Spell Mastery, it's not necessary for these spells, since they are cast methodically and safely, according to the text. I realize it adds, "unless stressed or disrupted" but I'm not of a mind to just decide something is stressed to make these spells risky and have huge botch risks. This is similar to arguments I made about botch risks of rituals in my Rethinking Ritual magic thread I started a while back. I was using Fenicil's rituals as a template for altering Hermetic rituals, the primary one being the Aegis.