Merinita Spells

[Edit]The following spells might not be right, see comments below [/Edit]
Faerie Family Flight ReCo 30 (Base 10, +1 touch, +3 bloodline):

Cancelled doesn't work (read Ancient Magic).

Faerie Birth MuCo 25 (Base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun, +3 bloodline)

Cancelled doesn't work (I read Ancient Magic and it made clear targeting the unborn is a breakthrough).

Sorry for wasting people's time.

That's interesting. A couple of comments:

  1. You use base 10 for the first spell, which is good enough to transport a target up to 5 paces, but you are only transporting the baby 9 inches. As each magnitude for ReCo teleport spells seems to increase the distance by a factor of 10, maybe (arguably) you could lower the base to 5 to transport "up to half a pace away", which is enough for your spell.

  2. I've heard that an unborn baby can't be the target of spells, and obviously it isn't the primary target in these spells, but you are hitting it indirectly with the bloodline target. Are you sure that Bloodline will affect unborn babies?

  3. Do you think a baby could be warped by a spell of this magnitude?

  4. Try not to botch.

An unborn baby is considered to be Part of the mother but not an individual in an of itself in standard Hermetic magic. Even then, the unborn baby has to be far enough along for that to apply. Look at Fertility Magic in the book Ancient Magic for more information.

The Bloodline Target also mentions that things become targeted by the spell once they are born but not prior to being born.

If you want to stick with canon guidelines, why not just go with the CrCo guidelines on page 60 of A&A. If you don't have A&A you can see the guideline on the Atlas ArM5 page.


Actually I'll have to check the wording. I remember thinking it could work because in AM5 the bloodline target refers to descendants being alive, not born. By the time the birth is actually occuring it's definitely alive. You could argue that it's part of the mother, but yet it's not. I'll read A&A page 60 and the ArM5 page and get back.

I would really rather use the "Part" target instead.
Still, while i would say that using "Bloodline" like this isnt really correct, i think the spells are good enough that there´s no reason why not to allow them anyway, as they´re 2 magnitudes higher than using "Part" anyway and the troublesome distinctions involved doesnt really matter as far as i can tell.

I was looking at it as I wrote that. You become a valid target of Bloodline when you are "born."