Merlin: season 2, chapter 8: Heirs to Merlin

Just FYI, in this chapter of the series Merlin there is a CLEAR trip to Ungulus, from Heirs to Merlin. Only that this time it is Merlin making the trip, not his heirs :stuck_out_tongue: Watch and see. It looks (from afar) exactly like the description in HtM :slight_smile:

In the chapter there is also a nice idea about a guy that draws health from his lands to live more time. In the long run the lands become barren from the effort of keeping him alive for a long time after a mortal wound, but he is kept alive. I find this to be a really cool idea for a character in a saga, maybe a NPC. This chapter looks like a story that could be told IMS...


Love the show! Great episode, too. But you mean the episode that just aired, right? Aren't we in season 3 now?


Are you in Spain? Otherwise i very much doubt you´re looking at the same airing schedule. I think they´re somewhere in 2nd season here as well.

Oh yeah, this and related variations on it are great stuff for stories.

The fisher king is the actual Arthurian myth that this is based upon

Who cares if I'm in Spain? The description sounded like season 3 episode 8 (Eye of the Phoenix), the story based on the fisher king. I don't remember season 2 episode 8 so well, but it would be quite a coincidence if the descriptions of the two matched quite so well.


Yup, eye of the phoenix as well around here. Only that AFAIK it is season 2....


Season 1:

1 - The Dragon's Call
2 - Valiant
3 - The Mark of Nimueh
4 - The Poisoned Chalice
5 - Lancelot
6 - A Remedy to Cure All Ills
7 - The Gates of Avalon
8 - The Beginning of the End
9 - Excalibur
10 - The Moment of Truth
11 - The Labyrinth of Gedref
12 - To Kill the King
13 - Le Morte d'Arthur

Season 2:

1 - The Curse of Cornelius Sigan
2 - The Once and Future Queen
3 - The Nightmare Begins
4 - Lancelot and Guinevere
5 - Beauty and the Beast (part 1)
6 - Beauty and the Beast (part 2)
7 - The Witchfinder
8 - The Sins of the Father
9 - The Lady of the Lake
10 - Sweet Dreams
11 - The Witch's Quickening
12 - The Fires of Idirsholas
13 - The Last Dragonlord

Season 3:

1 - The Tears of Uther Pendragon (part 1)
2 - The Tears of Uther Pendragon (part 2)
3 - Goblin's Gold
4 - Gwaine
5 - The Crystal Cave
6 - The Changeling
7 - The Castle of Fyrien
8 - The Eye of the Phoenix
9 - Love in the Time of Dragons (not yet aired)
10 - Queen of Hearts (not yet aired)

All of season 1 is available on hulu right now for those interested in checking it out.