Metacreator and Ars Magica


I am looking for a way to better manage my campaign and so on. I searched a lot and the only thing I found was "metacreator". It seems that the basic software was updated last October, but the Ars Magica page is not updated since 2014. The software covers only " Ars Magica 5th Edition, The Mysteries Revised, Mystery Cults, True Lineages, Guardians of the Forest, Covenants, Realms of Power: Magic and Realms of Power: Divine" books. I downloaded the demo and when trying to build a library I already met an error message (maybe it is a problem of the demo?).

The collection is $60, pricey for an old non-updated not friendly software (with an UI that reminds my of my first windows 95).

So does anyone uses it? Is it worth it? Too many bugs? Is there any way to include the remaining books of Ars Magica 5th?

Are there any other software options to manage an Ars Magica campaign? Especially the covenant resources and grog generation/management?

I was using as a kind of database. Tried roll20, but in the end offered more of what I wanted. But they are still very clunk and time consuming (edit HTML is not exactly my expertise).

On a side note: Excited that finally we will have Ars Magica in Brazillian Portuguese xD

I use MC and have purchased all the current modules. For creating a young magus it is very quick and I find it very good to have a lot of the common spells and virtue text.
There are some issues with the tech the software uses being very old and not working smoothly by default with new versions of Windows but they can be fixed. (Install it into the common user folder not your user folder, so it gets around the permissions issue).
The UI is old as you say.
You could also create new modules for the other books or your own material. I’ve created my own metacreator files for a handful of spells and viruses, and to add crossbows to the software. It’s not easy unless you are used are a technical person. Bruce is very approachable and helpful.

So overall I recommend it.

My entire troupe (both troupes actually) use it.
The covenant is kept in a shared folder that we can all access which makes studying in the library and keeping track of the covenant's economy easy.

Personally I've found it easy (and mostly fairly intuitive) to use, but I also know I've had to show it to a lot of people. So maybe not everyone agrees.

Yes MC is awesome, I can’t imagine not using it.
The developers give great support if you write in.

I also use MC and also have the modules - it is an excellent tool and helps a lot with character creation and keeping track of your covenant.

I can also say is that they are excellent when it comes to supporting the program. I've contacted them a couple of times on the yahoo group they use regarding bugs I found, one was realias not allowing for abilities to be learnt from them, just arts. The second thing was I was having issues in being able to learn multiple spells in one season from the same arts and forms - both times these issues were fixed in the following release and they're always active in responding quickly to questions posted to them.