Metacreator distribution


I noticed that we can no longer acquire Metacreator packages through Alter Ego Software. I was wondering if Atlas would be able to distribute Metacreator through another mechanism. There are several expansions that I would like to purchase, so even if it was made available again temporarily, I'd purchase the lot.

Metacreator is an excellent companion product for Ars Magica, which saves me a lot of time (a precious resource). There does not (yet) seem to be any other product that has such comprehensive functionality (with an excellent help system and ability to create your own content). Even with only the existing content, I believe it is a fantastic product.

I could go on, but I will save you all from my Metacreator gushing...

A couple weeks ago we received a letter from Peggy and Bruce Kvam, telling us that they're retiring and have discontinued Metacreator product sales. The Alter Ego Software website and email addresses have been taken down now, as well. They say "we have enjoyed working with you over many years to support the Ars Magica game system."

We're sad to see them go, but we wish them all the best in their retirement.

Does this mean that Atlas cannot distribute the software?

Correct. We don't own the software. We also aren't a software publisher ... we have no one on staff who would be able to maintain it.