Metacreator: general info

a my friend not registered on this forum is unable to recover his old versions of the metacreator because it is changed the method of download and he does not have any backup... How can he recovers the lost files? Very thanks

I'm currently facing a similar problem. I strongly suggest he'd contact the company by filling-up the support-form on their website; they offer excellent feedback and assistance.

If he has some kind of record of the purchase (order number/code etc.) that would be really helpful. If he purchased the program through RPGNow he can attempt to redownload-it, but this is problematic (didn't work for me; fortunately I located an old copy).

Any news about it? It is very expencive to buy again the file my friend lost! I would like to know if exists a method to demonstrate that a specific template have been already paid and to receive again a single copy of backup?

What news? Have your friend tried to email AES? That's the best curse of action.

If he purchased any of the packages from RPGNow he should be able to redownload it from their site. Just go to his account, look at your past purchases, and you'll have the links.

If he purchased it directly from AES, I am afraid they don't seem to offer a free re-download. They do offer a redownload for only 6$, though, which is cheaper than buying it anew (except for True Lineages/GotF, which actually costs 5$). If that what's you want to do, contact them with some kind of proof of purchase (and old receipt number, email, or so on) via their online form. That what I did to purchase Mysteries again.

Does someone knows which is the next book included to the next release of metacreator?
I have Flawless Magic and use some options of spell mastery from Societates, so I need to wait for the "porting" of this manual to be able to update correctly my PC's Sheet?

I don't even know if there's such a release planned at all :confused:
I'd like it, of course, along with infernal/divine abilities

It's funny but one of the main reasons I have not bought Metacreator is that it is not complete (of course it never will be) - if it got Societas and Divine/Infernal included I might well change my mind.

Hm, would it be worthwhile to shake the metacreator tree and see if they might be willing to ransom off some more supplements?

I mean, with all these quality supplements, it'd be nice to see metacreator keep up and hopefully turn a profit for the creators, if possible.


Put me in for that one...

Put me in for that one, two :wink:

I can go beyond what I said a few months ago - if it got Societas and Divine/Infernal then I would get it. Just trying to create a diabolist (for no particular reason anyone of my player who is reading) is tough and any help would be welcome.

I just emailed Alterego. Fingers crossed that the product makes them enough money....


Make it three

I'Ve got my fingers crossed also... :wink:

Earlier today on the metacreator list, Bruce Kvam at Metacreator addressed a request for template for the new "Ghost of Albion" system:

"If there's enough interest in this supplement we can contact Eden
Studios about doing it. We probably will be doing an Ars Magica
supplement after completing our current project, however."

So there is light at the end of the Tunnel. Remember that they only do this stuff becuase hardcore fans buy it. I too hope it contains Societas and the RoP Divine and RoP Infernal.

I think it's worth reiterating that Alter Ego are a small company and for the work they do they deserve all the support they can get. So, to those who play Ars and are still holding out before buying Metacreator I say please, please go and put a few dollars their way. You'll be getting a great product. It's a tool that I use week in, week out and get every penny's worth out of.

There are a good number of books now that I'd like to see them add, but it's dollars in the bank now that will help them get those books done, frankly.

Seconded - I've never regretted getting Metacreator. Even though it meant the years I'd spent on atuning my own book-keeping syntax in Excell were now useless. Metacreator is a great tool and it is not a question whether I'll buy new products but if they'll release them. And to those considering to wait to see if more products are added, don't forget that, as Mark pointed out, that this as dependent on current sales as on any kind of interest in an upcoming expansion, but also that the system is generic enough that you can easily add your own virtues, skills etc. and adopt untill the product you might need is there as well.

Agreed with to all of the above.

Additionally, there's a fair bit of mileage with creating creatures, or printing off ready-made ones for use in your game. I didn't quite realize how much stuff came in the various additions to the Ars Metacreator line.


Worth noting that adding masteries, spells and abilities are very easily added - the only things that cause problems are things that alter the way stuff is calculated.