Metacreator Mysteries Released

The package of Mysteries (including the data for Mystery Cults and The Mysteries) has been released for Metacreator [if you don't know, it's a software that supports ArM play]. Just wanted to give a heads up.

I've downloaded mine, but didn't play around with it yet...

Cheers for the heads up...

I've already ordered and payed for it.. so I sort of expected an email from Meta informing on it, but not so far.

For what that it may matter to you, I may confirm that I've received such an e-mail yesterday and already downloaded the package.

I have a character with some of these things..
What am I going to have to do to change my sheet?

(Still waiting for the code to be changed/FIXED for higher ability scores)

Me too. Furion, check your spam box, and if you don't get an email in a day or two contact Alter Ego by email.

Got it.
Still doesn't recognize Verditius Elder Rune Vis capacity...

Funny thing...

I had manually changed the Generic Virtue into 'Verditius Elder Runes'...
When I tried to add it (after installing the add on), MC said I already had it...of course it didn't have script written for it...
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


How high of stat scores are you talking about? Under Data --> Configuration, you can change the amount of allowable stats points, as well as other things. That is what I used so I don't get red flags or crap when I press the "Check Character" button. Very useful if you pick up a virtue or flaw during the game (or you can get their cost to zero) but extremely useful when you use Creo Corpus magic to increase stats.

They seemed to have finally fixed the stat was always complaining that my MT was too high for my age...even though the "established character' button was checked. We figured out how to change the script, but I had to changed it all the time on both copies (computers), and when we updated it would screw up again. I had sent them a message about that and didn't get a response...It doesn't seem to mind the score now, but it still isn't calculating the correct Vis capacity. The correct Vis capacity for the character should be MT * Philos. It is still calculating it as MT * 2. It wouldn't be so bad except we're talking about a huge difference.
It also doesn't seem to take into account the specialty.
..not really concerned about the 'Check character thing'. I don't really care if it likes it...but when I use the button it doesn't say anything is wrong...never did. It only threw a flag when I went to add experience to MT

I can't seem to create an automton, as I keep getting errors. Is it even working?