[MetaCreator] Questions on Ars Magica

#1 Language Groups
It seems that language groups are not included in MC for purposes of determining whether or not a person can study a book. For example, a magus with Catalan (5) should be able to read a Provencal book at (-1) since they are in the same language group.

How can I create this in MC?

#2 Adding Languages(I’ve never created data sheets before…)
If I add a data sheet with new languages, can I then make them fall into the Ability (Living Languages) category and henceforth write books in that language? Can I make the new languages pull up in every new character?

(I’m assuming yes because the Covenant spell scripts pull up constantly now.)

#3 Missing Stuff From Covenants
It seems that a number of things are missing from Covenants… correspondence and creating books with resonance for example. Am I missing these things? Or is it just something to do informally?

#4 Specialist/Craftsmen
a) In the default fields, you can add birthdates to these types of hirelings. Does MC age them or kill them off eventually?

b) If you give a Specialist more than one skill (say Bookbinding and Scribe) does MC take this into cost-savings? Or is just the “specialist skill” that affects cost-savings?

#5 Covenant Members
Are covenant members all individuals with sheets from the covenant? Specifically, are grogs added to this roster or are they just kept somewhere else… I can’t find a “Grog” file folder or do I just keep them separate?

#6 Servants, Laborers, Dependents
Does Covenants increase these over time or just when additions are made? Are dependents added automatically or is it manually? Just trying to figure out whether this is something that needs to be manually determined over time or whether it does it for me.

#7 Data Sheet Tutorial
Is there a decent one in pdf form?

#8 Wages

Are wages for Grogs removed automatically? How about for individuals received through Boons? Example, crossbowmen is a boon but it indicates you pay them a penny/day. Is this subtracted?

#9 Forum

Is there a decent forum for MC questions? The Yahoo Group is pretty clunky and there is no way to go through all 8000 posts...

As far as I know it will do so, yes. Having only ever experimented to add new spells and on one occasion, an altered fae blood option (to allow a different kind of faerie blood for one of my players) I can't be sure, but those events now show up in my MC every time I use it.

Ish.... if you set the birth date, it automatically adjusts their age, AFAIK, to compensate. If you choose to use the advancement option to give them aging rolls, it can kill them off outright as it does the roll for you unless you override it.