[Metacreator] Realms of Power: Magic now available

I just downloaded this and figured others might want to as well.


I've not yet taken it for a spin, but the features included look very nice:

Thanks for sending the notice (and being our first customer for the new supplement)!

Peggy Kvam
Alter Ego Software

Heh, I thought I actually was slow off the mark after getting the email. An exciting product, containing as it does the somewhat more intricate system for creating magical things of all sorts...

Good luck on it and future expansions!

I hope to see RoP: Faerie ... maybe for the holidays?


Finally , after several hours of stuffing around , i have purchased my copy as well. :smiley:

Installed this just before I had to go out this morning. Looking forward to playing with it when I get back home. I have a couple of things I want to stat up.

Absolutely AWESOME!!!

Thanks a lot! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

it really is :smiley:

I am a little surprised that ROP:M was done before Dominion or Infernal. This is because I think of Metacreator as being about character creation/maintenance and there will be more characters who are aligned with the Dominion (priests etc) or the Infernal than are aligned with Magic. Is there any firm news on these two?

A bit of a necro-post, however I think it is worth re-advertising this.

Metacreator is excellent, I've had it for ages; I've just scraped up the pennies to buy the RoP:Magic supplement - and it is probably the best they've made. I like to use creatures with magic might, but it's been taking ages to make each one. Normally I like making characters/creatures, but the way the RoP:M book is laid out makes it rather tedious and off-putting. The program makes it fun again rather than be a pain.

Plus, the more people who buy their stuff, the more stuff they will be able to make.

With a necromancer on board, having ghost stats and skeleton stats ready to go is awesome.

I wish the Realms books with creature creation rules had been made more in tandem, so that the rules were similar enough to make Faerie and Magic, say compatible via Metacreator.