Metamagic Questions

  1. Wizard's Boost Error?
    It looks like Wizard's Boost is off by a magnitude. Unless I am mistaken, it has the same "base" effect in the guidelines as Wizard's Reach, but for some reason the math comes out differently. They both affect another spell at general level-5, but one is touch and the other is voice. The guidelines indicate level+5 as a base, and so I think Wizard's reach is correct, and that there is a mistake with Wizard's Boost. I wonder what I am overlooking.

  2. Application of MuVi Guidelines Question
    Would changing the specific form of a Vi metamagical spell be a "Significant Change," a "Total Change," or a "Superficial Change." For example, which general guideline would changing "Unravelling the Fabric of Ignem" to "Unravelling the Fabric of Terram" fall under? I am imagining Superficial or Significant, but I am not sure.

Muto Vim General Guidelines:
"Superficially change a spell of less than twice the (level + 1 magnitude) of the Vim spell. This may not change the primary effect of the spell, or its power."

"Significantly change a spell of less than the level + 1 magnitude of the Vim spell. This may not change either the Technique or Form of the target spell. A change in power of plus or minus one magnitude is a significant change, as is a change of target, if the target was possible for the original spell."

"Totally change a spell of less than half the (level + 1 magnitude) of the Vim spell. This may change the Technique, Form, or both of the target spell, and needs no requisites for those Arts. The Vim spell affects the structure of the spell, not the things that the spell targets. A change in power of up to two magnitudes is a total change. Any greater change requires either Creo or Perdo to create more magical energy or destroy some."

Thanks for your thoughts.