Might 0 Airy spirits as psychic dead drop.

Psychic communication between two Me magi that don't trust each other with their lives is hard. "Hey Mr. Queastor, explaining what I saw is hard. Why don't you just drop your parma so I can cast a CrMe spell on you." ... doesn't really fly. So I got the idea to use some hapless short lived Airy spirit something or other as a cut out.

Step 1) Summon / Create a might 0 puppet
Step 2) Magic the puppet to just sit there
Step 3) Magi Alice "sends a message" by CrMe something into the puppet's mind
Step 4) Magi Bob casts a InMe to extract the message.

This way you can move a mental image from one magi to another with out anyone dropping parma, or letting a Me magic muck around in your mind. That's my idea. I'm wondering what kinds of entities would make good targets for holding the message. Can you use CrMe to create a temporary mind / spirit, the way the CrCo can make a body? You can use InTe to "talk to a natural rock". Could you CrMe to put a memory in that rock and get it out with InTe? Do you have any suggestions about spell guidelines or where to find them?

You don't need airy spirits for this, a ReVi spell container (CrIm) could work. Watching Ward is a ritual because of its indefinite duration, the same effects could be achieved through non-ritual magic, it will just expire after a while if un-triggered. So you can make a message appear on a page once a certain condition is met (like someone writing a specific passage at the top).

You could also do this with MuMe (turning a thought solid), assuming your recipient had the right InMe spell.

Doesn't seem to solve the thrust issue of the scenario presented. The magus "showing" his memory could create any memory he wants, so this wouldn't be any more worthwhile than him saying anything he likes to the Quaesitor. In fact, where a lie might be detected by InMe when spoken directly, no such verification could be done on the created memory (since it is not linked to the mind any more).

If I was the Quaesitor, I would consider this completely useless at best, and a clumsy attempt at deception at worse.

Just by 2 cents' worth!

Is there such a thing as a Might 0 spirit? Spiritus is nothing but Might, IMO.

Quaesitor was likely a missleading example. The trust issue is not about the fidelity of the message, but rather casting spells on something other than another magi. I would never suggest that some random CrMe would stand up as testimony really. Better example would be sharing something you saw but couldn't draw, or sharing the memory of browsing a library to let someone know titles were available with out listing everything.

Seems viable in general, however the use case for this particular idea is for mental communication between mentum magi, which leads me away from ReVi / CrIm solution. Also I was hoping to keep the message holder a mentum target so it could be summon/teleported/sent with ReMe.

My biggest problem is that the CrMe guidelines cover the creating thoughts, feelings, and memory, but not a a mind to put them in.

Thanks for you guildance

Agreed. It would need Might 1+

What about the Art of Memory ability? There are a number of spells associated with it and finding a way to transfer/make a copy of a locus shouldn't be impossible. You could maybe even create a locus and create a "pathway" spell allowing access to a particular locus while using a "Fortification of the Memory Palace" spell to protect the rest.

I could see a mystery cult using this to pass messages, especially if the airy spirit literally carries the message from magus to magus...

Right? I'm just not sure what guidelines you would use because creating a mind isn't in the RAW aside from the theories that minor summoning spells are actually creation spells.