Might and Magic Resistance?


Something I've never been too sure about. Do beings with Might scores resist magic with their permanent or current scores?

I'm pretty sure it's the might score, and not the might points. Beings with might have might points up to their might score. They are used to fuel powers. But using points never means the score goes down, which determines resictance.
(Sleepy man's parma)


Although, as a house rule, beings generally don't resist Intellego magic to detect them in my saga - the magic is easier if they have high Might, as the guidelines suggest. (Excepting those using powers to hide or so on.)
Going by the book, to detect a creature of high Might you could use a low-level spell but will need a lot of penetration, while for detecting a low Might creature you will need a high-level spell but only a low penetration. Ick.