Miklos the Thief companion

Character at campaign start

Age 25 Height 5'8", 9st, Gender Male

Appearance Average looking man of average height, black hair, clean shaven and black eyes.
Size 0
Confidence 2(5)
Reputation None
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Greek resident

Personality traits Hoarder +6, Code of Thieves +3, Loyal to Covenant +1

Way of the Town +3 to all rolls in an urban environment Min. General 3 3
Keen vision Min General 1 4
Perfect Balance Min General 1 5
Social Contacts Min General 1 6
Second Sight Min Supernatural 1 7
Puissant Stealth Min General 1 8
Puissant Legerdemain Min General 1 9
Self Confidence confidence 2 and 5 confidence points Min General 1 10

Dark Secret Maj Story -3
Avaricious Maj Personality -3
Outlaw Maj Social -3
Disfigured (criminal brand) Min Gen -1

Early Life 45XP
Native Language Slavic 5 0
Area Lore (Durres) 2 15
Survival 1 5
Awareness 1 5
Athletics 1 5
Stealth 2 15

Later life 20 years*15 XP = 300 XP

Romaic Greek 2 15 15
Brawl (Dagger) 3 30 45
Stealth 4+2 (Urban areas) 35 80
Legerdemain (Lock picking) 4+2 130
Swim (Underwater) 1 5 135
Folk Ken (Town folk) 3 30 175
Guile 3 (Lying to authorities) 3 30 205
Intrigue 3 (Rumour mongering) 30 235
Athletics (Climbing) 3 25 260
Awareness (Searching ) 2 10 270
Survival (Town) 2 10 280
Second Sight (Invisible things) 3 25 295
Organisational lore:Durres criminals 1 5 300


Int -1 -1 -1
Per +2 +3 +2
Pre +1. +1 +3
Com -3 -6 -3
Str +2 +3 0
Sta +1 +1 +1
Dex +2 +3 +4
Qik +2 +3 +7

Size 0
Full metal reinforced leather soak 4, load 4, Std
Soak (Sta+Tough+Armour) 5

Initiative (Qik +Wpn Ini) +2
Att (Dex+Combat+Wpn Att) +2
Def (Qik+Combat+Wpn Def) +2
Dam (Str+Wpn Dam+Att Advantage) +2

Dagger base. Ini +0, Att +2, Def +0, Dam +3, Str -3, Load 0, Inexp
Dagger (used) Ini +2, Att +8, Def +6, Dam +5, Str -3, Load 0, Inexp

Load 4, Burden 2, Encumbrance 0

0 OK
1-5 -1
6-10 -3
11-15 -5
16-20 Unconscious


Miklos grew up in the poor quarter of Durras in the Byzantine empire to a family of thieves and beggars. He took to the life like the rest of his family and soon showed the usual family traits bred in to them over the past generations (Perfect balance, Puissant Stealth and Puissant Legerdemain). He became very familiar with the town environment over the years and knew every trick in using the urban terrain to steal in to peoples houses and steal their goods and chattels (Ways of the Town). He did have a strange tendency to keep his ill gotten gains rather than spending them on nice things and this helped him avoid the law for many years as he never showed he was gaining any wealth b.[/b] As he reached maturity his family sent him out to tour the other towns and villages between Athens and great Constantinople, renewing old bonds of friendship and cooperation between the families "in the trade". It took over two years but Mikalos arrived back with a wealth of knowledge and a much greater self confidence in his own abilities (Social Contacts and Self Confidence). He was 23 years old when the authorities finally caught up with him. He was tried, convicted to slavery in the salt mines for 20 years and branded on the forehead as a convicted criminal. (Disfigured and Outlaw) . On his way to the prison's holding cells he spotted a strangely dressed man leaning against the corridor walls watch he and his guard's progress. Something about the man felt strange and unworldly but on a whim Miklos called out to him "have mercy sir and help a poor lad" (Second Sight). The man almost jumped at the address and said "you should not be able to see me young lad, how interesting" and with a way of his hand a a few strange words the guard crumpled to the ground. "If I save you will you serve me and mine faithfully and true"/ Miklos nodded back "yes master, yes, just don't let them take me to the mines". With another gesture and strange utterance, Miklos was talk to keep quiet or he would be retaken. The stranger simply walked him out of the prison block and straight out of the city. In to the mountains the pair travelled, Miklos being told his new master was Christoforos a caster of spells who now owned Miklos' life. It was made plain that if Miklos ever betrayed his new master he would be turned in to a snake and left to crawl the earth for all eternity.

Upon arrival at his new home Christoforos tested the ability to see invisible things and once satisfied set Miklos off spying on people and picking up items of interest around the south of Greece. He always wore a full black and red leather face mask during his outings and gained quite a reputation as the "Red faced devil". He travelled with Christoforos for a couple of years, even visiting The covenant of Xilinites in Constantinople. He was happy for the next two years and was greatly saddened by the apparent loss of his master. However he remembered the words of his rescue and now serves the covenant as faithfully as he is able.

Reserved 3

Reserved 4

(Reserved for ST comments)

I think your stats are wrong. I count 2 less points, not spent (5 instead of 7)? I also count 305 points, I think there is a mix up near Legerdemain? I dont see a virtue that allows him to take Artes Liberales anywhere? Its an academic ability. I know its in the story, but rules :S Ask other players if they will allow you this small thing?
Weird point, Mikos sounds Slavic, Durres population is mainly slavic, yet he knows Romaic Greek as Native Language. I am nit picking :slight_smile:
You spent two years with Christoforos. He took you to Constantinople for one year (Xilinites to be precise, the other Criamon there did not like you). The second year he traveled quite extensively preparing for the creation of the Covenant. I will detail some stuff he did privately. Your character was not with him when his party was ambushed and he died.

I'll change language to Slavic, drop the artes liberales and lower some other skill to gain a little Romaic Greek.

(ST EDIT) Looks ok. Thanks

Check if I transcribed him right please?

Checked in Companions post and it is correct.