Military grade spells

I was thinking about a spell to post in the Ars Grimoire topic and ended creating a mage (those things happens to your too guys?).
Anyway I was starting to think in a military oriented magi and this little guy started to invent spells.

I don't has checked the actual level of the spells by total lack of time, please fell free to point out corrections.

Juan ex Jerbiton was trained from early age as a magi and as a soldier. Living in a region ravaged by the reconquist war
he developed a few spells to help defend his beloved covenant and home using the art he considers the most important to a commander: Rego.

Odysseus's Return Legendary Shot
ReHe 30
Duration: Instant
Target: See description
Range: Far
Focus: An ancient greek style rigid bow +1

The caster makes a ranged attack to a target at +6.
If the attack hits and causes damage to the target the projectile will keep trespassing anyone behind it/him/her causing the same amount of damaged until gets beyond the range.
This spell is deadly efficient against a queue of soldiers.

The Wall of Shields
ReHe/ReTe 20
Duration: Sun
Target: see description
Focus: A shield of same type as the animated ones +4

This spell must target a dozen to four dozen shields (for better results tower shields).
The shields raises to forms a defensive line (half pace per shield) acting like a fence.
Assuming tower shields are used anyone (not with heavy load) can make a 9+ dextery test to jump over it or pass under it if got a small frame.
A 18+ str test can be used to remove a single shield from the barrier.
Anyone has failed the test will be bashed as if by a grog with str +5 and +6 skill.
By concentrating the caster can move the line at dozen paces per turn or use it to encircle someone (the caster or anyone he desires to protect).
If using a focus the mage must rise his shield and keep it up as if defending himself.

Storm of swords
ReTe 30
Duration: Concentration
Target: See description
Range: Far
Focus: A sword of same type as the animated ones + 4

This spell must target from a dozen to a two dozen swords.
They will start to move in circles covering an area of six to dozen paces.
Anyone caught in the area must make a +18 dodge roll or suffer +25 slash damage a critical failure means something nasty happens from decapitation from cutting off a hand.
By concentrating the caster can move the area at dozen paces per turn.
If using a focus the mage must rise his sword and attack in circles as if attacking multiple opponents.

Line of Unseeing Protectors
ReHe/ReTe 40
Duration: sun
Target: See description
Range: Far
Focus: A commander attire +3

This spell must target a set of metal shields and swords or wooden shields and spears.
It will form a line up to a half pace per shield and weapon set.
Anyone trying to push over the line will meet with fierce resistance as if fighting a grog with str +5 and +6 skill.
By concentrating the caster can move the line at dozen paces per turn or use it to encircle someone (the caster or anyone he desires to protect).
If using a focus (like a centurion helmet) the mage must yell military orders as if commanding soldiers.

The Deadly Volley of Arrows
ReHe 25
Target: Group
Duration: Instant
Range: Far
Focus: A bow or crossbow of same type as the animated ones

This spell must target dozen to two dozen bows with arrows (or herbam made quivers).
The magi must make a finesse roll or if using the focus an attack with the bow.
The other bows and arrow will imitate the moves of the shot and fly a similar path.
The magi must try to hit anyone/anything from the group and unless the shot misses by far (6+) a rain of arrows hits the group.
Everyone/everything (to the number of bows used) takes +10 damage.

Bless of Last Standing Bravura
ReCoVi 30
Target: A Willing Individual
Duration: Sun
Range: Touch
Focus: A token used as symbol of duty/faith or courage + 1

This is cast while casting a parma in another individual (thus allowing only one at a moment).
If a focus is used it must be touched or hold by the caster and can be anything (from target's father's sword to a crucifix) worn by the target but must be
Something significant and must be carried for the duration.
The spells triggers if the targets dies or falls unconscious while fighting. The target's body keeps moving by itself.
If it was attacking/defending it keeps engaging his enemies as if the deceased target was alive, in full heath and in berserker state (+2 to attacks -2 to defense)
The body will continue to move at it best even if heavily damaged. Note a charred or decapitated body still fighting is a terrible vision,
depending on the circumstances enemies can be enrolled a test not to flee from the battlefield.
The body will only stop if fully disemboweled or the token is destroyed or taken or all enemies are dead.

Halt of the Stubborn Donkey
ReAn 40
Target: Group
Duration: Instant
Range: Far
Focus: A horse harness +1

This spell makes a group of animals to suddenly stop moving and is special useful against a cavalry charge.
Any rider must make a ride roll 18+ (for a charging horse, a lot less if not running that fast)
to avoid his mount to suddenly stop and also from falling from it.
(note the spell makes the horses to stop on dianter legs and keep they neck down instead of stopping in back legs
and raising neck. This can making it to fall and roll for disastrous effect)
Roll 2 additional botch dices (3 if wielding a long lance) for anyone failing to control his horse.
If the unfortunate knight roll botches apply the following nasty effects (to him not the poor animal).
1 botch: Ankle injuries, -3 for any action for a week
2 botches: Broken limb, out of combat
3 botches: Broken neck, death or disabled

Note even if the rider succeed the roll he/she can run in a stuck rider.
This spell can bring a entire cavalry unit to a stop or cause a massive jam over a bridge.

The Treacherous Change of Colors
ReMe 40
Target: Group
Duration: Sun
Range: Far
Focus: A flag, tabbard or flamule +1 (+5 if it's the actual target's unit flag)

This spell target a entire military unit, if used in a large army will affect the first row of soldiers.
The unit (as a collective) or it's commander makes a will roll of 12+ if failed the whole unit changes sides and attacks the nearest caster enemy.
Each time the unit rots a enemy it's allowed a new roll to get back to it's senses.
If the focus is used the flag changes to the caster's colors for the duration of the spell and it can makes the resistance roll harder.

Chorus of the Myrmidons
ReMe 40
Target: (Allied) Group
Duration: See description
Range: Near
Focus: A (bloody) song of heroism

Music enters the minds of the soldiers filling they hearts with purpose making them to sing and to fight like an elite unit.
While singing the soldiers have +3 bonus to fight and +6 against any mind effect.
They will behave in cohesion and promptly move as the caster wish.
Any enemy engaging the unit in melee will must make +6 roll or flee from a so formidable and determined opponent.
Any allied witnessing the unit to fight and hearing the chant will gain +1 morale.
The spell lasts while the caster keeps singing.

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These might get tricky when they covert to 5e, however the concepts are solid.