Minimal Size of a Circle?


In our saga a question came up: What is the minimal size of a circle?

Can you use a 1 cm in diameter circle? We discussed if a Mage can create a CrIg spell for light on a stone 30 cm wide with Ring duration and Part Target? So the inner part of the stone will emit the light.. But what is the minimal size of a circle? We could imagine it as a simple line or as a circle with a bunch of arcane symbols. The later is cooler, but the fisrt one would be more useful from a meta perspective :slight_smile:

Please help

I think it's "as small as you can accurately draw a circle" so if your character has a very fine quill, chalk or engraving tool it could be quite small.


You could use magic to draw the circle and then just trace it out as you cast the spell. Using magic to draw it, you should be able to get a pretty small circle with intricate details.

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Here's the thing: That's a very popular effect, and I'm less than convinced it should work.
If your spell creates light directly, then that light is the target.

So if all you spell does, is creating light, the spell would fail once the light passes the line of the circle.
If, however, you create a light source rather than just light, you're fine.

For a very small circle, I might ask for a finesse roll though.

This is why I would tend to create Individual fires with Ring duration. The light the fire gives off is non-magical and can exit the circle. But the fire is contained so you're unlikely to burn things by accident. Place these rings on a sconce, and you just avoid putting an actual candle or torch in it.

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We agree on this (and IIRC have discussed it before).

Also if used on a rock you can use MuTe(Ig) to make the rock luminescent, same effect.
in terms of size I would say the internal diameter has to be greater than the width of your scribing instrument so the outer diameter has to be 3 times that width. For magically created circles I would say the line width has to be thick enough to be visible to the naked eye- so around .13mm if you have a high contrast alteration (for example charring a pale wood), leading to an outer circle size minimum of .39mm