Minimal Stats for NPC Magi for use at Tribunal

I'm planning to run a Tribunal, possibly sooner than later. As the one in the troupe with the fewest obligations outside of work, I'm probably going to have to stat up the NPC magi in attendance and pass them out to the others to portray as/when needed. I want to streamline this process as much as I can, obviously.

Below are the minimal stats I think will be needed for the other players to run each magus in game and portray their mindset at the Tribunal. Please let me know if I've missed anything you feel is necessary or vice versa.

Name, House, Covenant, gender, age
Arts (in case of Certamen)
Personality Traits pertinent to Tribunal interactions
Virtues & Flaws as above
How each is most likely to vote on Tribunal issues they are already aware of and/or issues this Magus is bringing for their covenant.
"Political" affiliations/leanings (e.g. Conservative, Liberal, Radical, etc.)

Also please recommend any of the rulebooks that have examples of Tribunal procedures. I am currently in the midst of reading the "30 for November" Tribunal threads from back in 2012 and have recommended them as reading for my fellow troupe members. They have little to no prior knowledge of Hermetic politics.

The Fallen Fane has a LARP writeup for a Tribunal, including lots of information that might be useful to you and write-up of Magi which should give you some ideas.

The 4th edition Wizard's Grimoire has its whole 3rd chapter devoted to Law & Politics, which includes a fair bit of information on Tribunals. Its 4th chapter also has a few bits and pieces that might prove useful to you, if for nothing more than flavor.

Of course what ever Tribunal the game is being run in, the Tribunal Book for it will contain a fair bit of information. Scanning the same sections of any bordering Tribunals can add in some possible topics or politics, since the actions of neighbors often affects you.

I may have Fallen Fane in PDF already, I'll take a look.

WGRE is on my reading list for tonight but thanks for reminding me about there being more than one chapter to look in.

If you've read my Charters thread since my last reply, you know we play in an alternate, modern setting so there's not likely to be a Tribunal book relevant for Peripheral Code or procedural reference.

The closest canon book details Iceland 800 years ago, or 788 years before our saga's current date.