Minimum dispelling range

The Muto Vim guidelines have this interesting bit...

How does relate to Perdo Vim and dispelling? Is it possible to cast a PeVi spell with Personal range to dispel effects affecting you? Or does it have to be Touch or even Voice?

I think this is about affecting spells while they are being cast.

It does refer mainly to spells being cast.

And yet, to answer te actual question, I'd still require R: Touch to dispel an effect cast on you, as a minimum.

R: Voice if you want to dispel it as it is cast (ie. You want to dispel the BoAF before you take damage from it -> minimum R: Voice).

But then, I tend towards a rather strict reading of R: Personal.

Any other opinions on dispelling effects on yourself using Personal range spells? :wink:

Personal range affects "the casting magus or things that he is wearing or carrying." Given the the second part, I'd be inclined to include spells currently affecting him (although not area of effect spells he happens to be caught in). I agree with Telus that this would only affect spells that are already in effect: if you want to dispel a spell before it affects you, range Voice (and fast casting) is necessary.